Integrity, Liberty, & Prosperity

Integrity, Liberty, & Prosperity

The Three Pillars of the Constitution Party

Are you tired of dishonesty in politics? Of having your rights stripped by elected officials of other parties? Have you concluded that they will never improve the economy in the long run? Our Three Pillars: Integrity, Liberty, & Prosperity are the solution.

Since 1992, Constitutionists like you have found their home in the Constitution Party — one of only five parties nationally recognized by the FEC.

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Integrity, Liberty, and Prosperity

Three Pillars

Integrity, Liberty, & Prosperity!  

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Fall 2018 National Committee Meeting

Fall 2018 National Committee Meeting FALL 2018 CONSTITUTION PARTY NATIONAL COMMITTEE MEETING SCHEDULED FOR DALLAS/ FT. WORTH! NOVEMBER 16th Through The 17th WATCH HERE – REGISTRATION INFORMATION AVAILABLE BELOW   Keynote Speaker: Charles Key Charles Key is the principal of Key Financial Services, an independent financial services firm specializing in Retirement, Financial Planning, and Insurance Services.  Charles has been helping individuals, families,…

Join us for our upcoming Webinar!

JULY 2018 WEBINAR AGENDA   11:00 AM Welcome – Scott Copeland Opening Prayer – Gary Blake Pledge – Dustin Ussery Minutes – Jackie Copeland Treasurer – Kristie Van Eaton Proposed Bylaws Changes – John McCormick   11:20 AM Personhood Amendment – Ricardo Davis, Southern Regional Chair NEC, Chairman of Georgia Right To Life   11:40…