There is only ONE Pro-Life political party in Texas!

Constitution Party supporters and friends:

In the midst of preparing for the upcoming 2014 elections I want to remind all members and friends we are the only 100% pro-life party, without apology, without compromise and without exception.  I believe God will honor our efforts in this regard.

Our party platform lists the Sanctity of Life at the very top — out of alphabetical order for a reason – because of its importance.

Pachael's Memorial Park, WacoJanuary 22, 1973 is a day that will live in infamy.  Now, some 41 years from that fateful decision over 50 million innocent babies have not experienced Life God intended.

In view of the Roe anniversary this week, I thought it would be fitting and proper to post a reminder of the most important plank in our platform. Life.  Without Life, there is no Liberty.

As some of you may know, Norma McCorvey became pro-life in 1995 after one of our longtime party supporters, Flip Benham, led Norma to the Lord.  Norma wrote a book about her conversion Won by Love. An excellent book.

The 5 minute video below will undoubtedly inspire all those who are pro-life and perhaps change minds of others.

The Meaning of Life – God Knew Your Name

Rusty Thomas, a tireless pro-life leader from Waco and one of our longtime supporters, will once again, be one of our speakers at our April 12 State Convention in Haltom City.  Rusty Thomas’ website.

For restoration of the republic and the cause of Life.

Bob Eoff, Texas Chairman

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