Predictions for 2012

I just completed an internet course on how to read tea leaves.  I’m using peppermint tea leaves, which always gives a slightly more optimistic read out, but we have to work with what we’ve got.

2012 – The Mayans may have predicted the end of the world, or maybe they predicted the end of America as a sovereign nation.  The portents do not look good for either one.  Globalism will increase, national sovereignty will decrease.

In 2012, Americans will continue to pursue their own selfish interests (such as “making a living”), while the politicians will continue to line their pockets and to sell us down the river.  Big Party Politics has given us this mess, but you hide and watch.  We’re going to beg them to give it to us again.  American voters seem to have a “battered wife syndrome”.

I predict that in 2012 most American voters will go to the polls and either vote for the International Socialist Party (Democrats), or the National Socialist Party (Republicans), yet again.  Some will express surprised when a socialist is elected.  As a result, nothing will change in Washington, D.C., because Socialism is the disease killing this country, and both major parties are mortally infected with it.  It doesn’t matter which party wins, in that case.  (They will also elect a socialist Congress, but hopefully no party will control both houses –Gridlock is our best possible scenario right now.)

I predict that in 2012, we will see wars and rumors of wars.  Small regional uprisings will just keep on breaking out around the world.  (Later on we’ll learn that the CIA trained and armed the leaders of most of those nationalist uprisings, and our government will express astonishment that the new rebel leaders are just as corrupt as the ones they threw out of office.)  “Civilian contractors” will be in more and more demand.

I predict more earthquakes, particularly in Oklahoma.  Also, tornadoes, floods, drought, tsunamis and crop failures will occur, but then, that happens every year.  Even so, I predict that some will use this to predict that Jesus is coming back in 2012.  I predict that He won’t.  (I hope I’m wrong on this one.  And if so, I also hope that He won’t hold it against me.  Hey, I’m just reading the leaves here.)

I predict that in 2012 the economy will get worse.  The Central Planners will try everything (except a cessation of central planning). I predict more deficit spending and more IOU’s printed out of thin air to pay for it.  A total collapse of the economy of the USA, and then the world, is a very real possibility, with 35% inflation a certainty.  (I may have that backwards.  Maybe the world first, then the USA.  The tea leaves are not clear on that point.)

I predict real friction between the State governments and the US government.  The word, “secession” will be used a lot more, but that’s just wishful thinking , for the most part.  (More on that in my 2013 predictions.)

I predict that the Muslims and the Jews will not come to the peace table and work out an agreement that will please both sides.  The American policy of fighting Israel’s wars on the one hand, and training radical Islamists on the other, will continue to generate enemies for the West, at least until 2112.  (Save this article and see if I’m wrong.  If I am, I’ll admit that my tea leaves were in disarray.)

I predict that the underground economy will grow, which may be all that forestalls total economic collapse.  Barter will become more popular, and many of those who appear to be unemployed will find part time work, off the books, to feed their families and pay the rental on their movies.  Those who are self-sufficient in food will do well, and meet many new friends.  Some will quit buying consumer goods, but more will buy on the longest terms they can find, and then declare bankruptcy, or just pay their bills with cheaper dollars.  We’ll see more and more unemployed driving new cars.

I predict that, adjusted for inflation, the stock market will be a lousy investment.  However, I predict an extraordinary return on investment (ROI) in the metals:  tinned goods, silver, gold, brass and lead.

I predict that a lot of people will leave the country, taking their skills, and whatever assets they can salvage, with them.  They won’t stay gone forever, because they won’t like the corruption in other countries, but like their ancestors, they’ll be seeking a place to live where they can keep what they earn, and be left alone by the government.  Many more will just drop out and disappear right here in America.  Homelessness will abound.

I predict Zombies.  They will be disguised as a swarm of government employees, but the net result will be the same.  They will shut down legitimate businesses, they will overwhelm us with red tape, they will kill individual initiative, they will protect us from lemonade stands without all the attendant paperwork, and they will succeed in making the American citizen even more fed up with Big Government and the Central Planners than we already are.

I predict that the courts will protect the big corporations and banks from what should be natural result of their greed and folly, so that the agony will be prolonged, but they will continue to fail anyway.  The courts will continue to dispossess citizens of their lives, their liberty and their property, often without due process, or in direct contradiction of Constitutional Law and Common Law.

I predict that the Peasants will begin to make low sounds in their throats that will sound like “rumblings of mutiny.”  Big Brother, whose sense of humor seems to be slipping, will react with more control instead of less.  Rights against which no lien should ever be placed (that’s what “unalienable” means) will be violated more and more.

I predict more electronic and internet espionage against The People, whom the government can no longer trust to consent to being milked and fleeced without due process.  As always, they will regard  those who work for a living (“the peasants”) to be revolting.  They may well be right!

(I tried to make some predictions about China, but I think I must be using the wrong kind of tea.  It looked really, really bad, so I’m not going there.)

I predict that churches will lose members, and that religion will become less popular, and yet simultaneously, Faith in God will increase.  It may not be reflected in attendance and donations, but it will be reflected in how people begin to pull together and care for one another, because hard times create strong people.

I also predict that Americans are going to be less tolerant of Central Planning than ever, and that is going to cause some interesting headlines.  I predict that 2012 will be a good year for you to keep a diary.  Your grandchildren are going to want to read it!

So… all things considered, I predict a hard year.  And that’s not all bad.  As a result of all this, I predict that We, The People, are going to be stronger when 2013 arrives.

But then, I always was an optimist.  (Maybe it’s the peppermint.)

Happy New World Order Year – 2012