Politics 101 – the Candidate

In response to many inquiries regarding who the Constitution Party is supporting for president in 2012, the answer is simple. We will nominate our candidate at our national convention, as do all the other parties, and we will support our candidate. We do not know who that candidate will be, although there are a couple of names already in contention and discussion.

For those who have not figured it out, Ron Paul has chosen to run as a Republican, not as a candidate of the Libertarian Party, nor as a candidate of the Constitution Party. As a Republican, we cannot vote for him in the Republican primary. The choosing of a candidate is a party function, and only Republicans can choose their candidate.

Should Ron Paul be the Republican candidate who makes it to the ballot in November, it is reasonable to expect that many, if not all of us, will be voting for him. But we will be doing so as individual voters, not following a Constitution Party endorsement.

In the meantime, we urge you to pay close attention to the way the Republican Party treats the one constitutionalist in their ranks – he is treated as a pariah, an outcast. The smear campaign against him has been vitriolic, from the mainstream press to those shills for the Republican Party — the pseudo-conservative talk show hosts. Pay attention, because you are seeing the heart and soul of the Republicans at work, and you can learn from their methodology. In short, it may be summed up as, “Speak conservative and nominate a socialist for office. The conservatives will have no choice but to vote for our socialist, who is ‘the lesser of the two evils’.”

What swirls about us like a three ring circus, the hullabaloo of the Republicans choosing which National Socialist will oppose the International Socialist of the Democratic Party, it is all an exercise in futility and irrelevance. It is a sideshow designed to distract you from the business of more important business, such as the selection of a Congress who, we might pray, will do battle with whoever wins the White House in November. If you have a candidate (of any party) who is running for the House of Representatives, or for the US Senate, who really grasps the Constitution and whom you believe will fulfill his oath to support and defend it, then you need to work for that candidate, and forget about the race for president. Dr. Ron Paul is not going to win the nomination. The power elite that controls the Republican Party will not allow it.

Until conservatives wake up and realize that the two major parties, in Congress assembled, have brought us this mess today, they are not going to do anything about creating a viable alternative. Republicans are every bit as guilty as the Democrats for deficit spending, printing phony money, illegal and unconstitutional wars, and an insane immigration policy. Instead of griping that the Constitution Party is not going to make the ballot, why not get to work this year to build the party in your county so that in the next election, we’ll be strong enough to seriously contest some seats in Congress? That is the way that you can make a difference, so that we may all have a real choice at the ballot box. When conservatives get tired of being played for suckers, we’ll be here to welcome you to an old concept – “Hope and Change that the Founding Fathers believed in!”

Our Texas State Convention will be held this year in Huntsville, Texas. The date is currently not decided, thanks to unwarranted meddling by the federal courts, but probably in June. If you want things to change, then we invite you to join this party, or at least make a regular donation, so that next time you will have a constitutional alternative.