Personnel & Convention Updates

Dear Constitution Party members, friends and supporters:

First, a quick update on some personnel changes – then on to pressing business.

At our February Executive Committee meeting, long time Chairman Bryan Malatesta resigned and I was elected Chairman. Most of you already know me. I joined the party in 1996 and ran as a candidate for state representative in 1998 and served as Treasurer for several years. Bryan is taking on a new role as Public Relations Director. Princeton resident Tiffany Long was appointed State Treasurer. Daniel New, one of the founders of our state party, has agreed to serve as Parliamentarian and will with our appreciation, continue to be involved with the Executive Committee.

The uncertainty of this year’s election calendar has delayed announcement for our events but thankfully, that has finally been resolved. However, we are now in a time crunch. Precinct meetings will be Tuesday, March 13 and County Conventions on Saturday, March 17.

Please visit the link on our website for complete details and instructions on holding conventions. Notices for precinct and county conventions need to be posted immediately with your County Clerk.

Our Ballot Access drive begins on March 14. Visit our website for more details.

Make plans now to attend our State Convention will be on Saturday, June 9, 2012 in Huntsville. Details will be available soon. Watch our website.

Thanks for your support for the party. If you have not yet paid dues for 2012 doing so would be greatly appreciated.

For God, family and country,

Bob Eoff
State Chairman