Memorial Day 2012

Memorial Day, of necessity, looks backward in time to remember with gratitude those who died in uniform, in order that we might be free.  It is appropriate that we remember, but it is obligatory that we pass freedom on to those who come after us.  To fail to do so is to (a) dishonor those who paid such a heavy price, and is to (b) fail those who follow — our posterity.

While more has been done by civilians than by the military to achieve freedom, it would have been impossible without the force of arms that carried out the resistance to governmental tyranny.  Most Americans have never considered that the American War of Independence was against a lawful, constitutional government which had become abusive and overstepped its own authority.  And while the official army was essential, they could not have succeeded without farmers who finally shouldered their guns and went off to war.  The homegrown Militia, for all the criticism it has received, gave us the victories of King’s Mountain, Cowpens, setting up the victory at Yorktown.

Americans can see so clearly what the answer to tyranny was in 1775, once peaceful petition and remonstrances had failed and the issues were finally “joined”.  We are only free today because the combined dedication to fight for our freedom, and the genius of that age which produced leaders of such magnitude that they could resist tyranny from above, and then resisted the temptation to replace it with a tyranny of their own.  Americans in uniform then stepped forward and paid the price for freedom.

When an invading army attacks, everyone recognizes the attack, and the necessary course of action is clear to each citizen.  But when tyranny grows gradually from within, like the slow boiling of the proverbial frog, it is such a comfort zone that most citizens are not aware of it, and some even like the warmth — the “security” that tyranny brings.

We would be poor Americans indeed if we deliberately refused to pass on the “blessings of liberty” to our own posterity.  Our descendents would rightly curse our names and our memories.

We have survived as an independent nation in spite of treason at the highest levels in this country, for more than a century.  However, Independence should not be confused with Liberty.  Cuba is an independent nation, and it may be free to pursue its own destiny, but the nation and its people may ne be regarded in any way as enjoying the blessings of Liberty.  It is nation enslaved by a government which professes to exist for the benefit of the Cuban people.

One of the requirements of a nation remaining independent (and thus, potentially, free) is that its military remain (a) adequate to repel attacks from without the borders of the nation, and (b) answerable to those who govern the nation.  (In theory, that is “We, the People,” which a topic for another day.)

When any person or group attempts to give away, sell, erode, delegate or otherwise reduce the sovereignty of a nation, they may rightly be called traitors, no matter how noble they regard the alternative for which they are working.  We can see that clearly in the actions of General Benedict Arnold in 1780.

Does a person who holds civil authority have some kind of immunity from the charge of treason, when they attempt to place our military under the control of any power on earth other than that of the United States government, which is (in theory) governed with “the consent of the governed”?  Do you remember being asked if it would be okay with you that our Armed Forces could be given away to the United Nations, or to NATO, or to SEATO, or any of a dozen international military expeditions? 

A sovereign people do not voluntarily give up their sovereignty, unless it can be sold to them as something else.  That is precisely what well-meaning politicians have done to America, certainly from the days of Woodrow Wilson to Barack Obama, and most presidents (of both parties) in between them have aided and abetted that process.

Amazingly, most Americans realize that we live today in a nation where a lawful, constitutional government has become abusive and overstepped its own authority.  Worse, we have presidents who are perfectly comfortable treating our military as if they were mercenaries, sending them off to fight, bleed and die under foreign commanders in wars that Congress (and hence, the People) have not authorized.

We have a military which has not sworn allegiance to the President, nor to Congress, but to the Constitution!  Why do you think they put that little clause in the oath, “…against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”???

Michael New was right — “Real Americans don’t wear U.N. uniforms!”  Nor should they serve in undeclared and unconstitutional wars.  And informed military is essential, both to Independence and to Liberty.


(C) Daniel D. New,   Permission to copy,
with credits, is hereby granted.