Four Spiritual Laws of the 21st Century Model American

  1. You must understand that the National Government loves you, and has a wonderful plan for your life, taking care of you from cradle to grave.
  2. However, you have sinned, and fallen short of the glory of the American Way.  You have selfishly worked for yourself, to make you own family more comfortable than those dependent on the Government.  You have probably cheated on your taxes in the process.  You have tried to pay off your debts and stop supporting the bankers who depend on your interest payments.  You have selfishly taken care of your own family’s needs, spurning the Helping Hand of Big Brother.  You have objected to the intimate caresses of the TSA in airports.  You have criticized the Police State which are there to help protect us from people like you.  You may have even had thoughts of allegiance to your own State instead of the National Government!  You have promoted old fashioned ideas, clinging to a constitution, guns and religion, which are no longer applicable in our wonderful modern era.
  3. You can still be redeemed and become a Model Citizen, by submitting your inclination toward individuality and to state citizenship.  Repent of your sins, become a model national and even International Citizen.  Vote for an approved socialist political party (it doesn’t matter which one, because they are both committed to the New World Order.  Pay your taxes cheerfully, as your fair contribution to helping others less productive.  Send your children to government brainwashing centers.  If you accidentally conceive more than two children, just have them quietly removed so they won’t be a further burden on you and the State.  Attend only churches that are registered with the government.  Encourage your sons and daughters to join the New World Army, where we now have “perpetual war for perpetual peace”.
  4. You can live as a Model Citizen.  It will be your duty to criticize, ridicule, ostracize, and if necessary, report to the government any neighbor or family member who advocates the right to bear arms; the right to educate their own children; the sovereignty of their own State; concepts of outmoded Biblical morality; and those who complain about paying their fair share of taxes to support the Dependent Classes.

Work makes us Free!  Let us work for Equality, Fairness and Liberty!

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