Chairman Moment July 2012

Constitution Party Members and Supporters:

If you missed our State Convention on June 9 in Huntsville, you missed a good one.  Alpha Omega Academy provided excellent facilities and the food and fellowship made the event worthwhile.

Our speakers included Rusty Thomas, a tireless pro-life warrior and founder of Elijah Ministries whose message was titled, “The True Nature of the Battle”.  By popular demand, Richard Ohendalski expanded his 2010 message on “Biblical roots of our civil government”.  Dr. Dan Coleman, Texas Director for the 10th Amendment Center gave an inspiring message.  DVD’s of the talks are available on our website for $25 as well as CD’s.  Click on our “store” near the top of our home page at

2012 marks the 20th anniversary of the party. To commemorate the anniversary, a one ounce copper medallion has been produced.  These medallions are available on our website for $2 each plus shipping.

The theme for our state convention was nullification.  An appropriate theme considering recent Supreme Court rulings which amazingly hinged on one man’s vote/opinion but might well negatively affect millions for years to come.  While many voters might hope to overturn Obamacare in November, don’t count on Romney or RINO’s in Washington to follow through or to do much better.

Our candidate for president, Virgil Goode, a six term former Congressman from Virginia will be a write-in candidate in Texas along with our VP candidate, Jim Clymer who served as our National Chairman for the past twelve years.  Remember, there is no Biblical justification for voting for the lesser of two “weevils”, so please consider voting for Virgil Goode and don’t waste your vote.  Anyone who has an interest in serving as an official Elector for Virgil should contact me at [email protected].

If you have not paid dues or can make a much needed donation, please do so.  For those who understandably donated to our friend and ally, Ron Paul, we ask for a similar contribution.  We’re always looking for volunteers to build county organizations and recruit members so please don’t hesitate to contact me.

May God help us restore our republic.

Bob Eoff

Texas Chairman