Manchester and the President’s Message to Muslims

Darrell Castle talks about the Manchester bombing along with President Trump’s message delivered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s podcast. Today is Friday June 2, 2017 and on today’s podcast we will be discussing the recent terrorist bombing attack conducted against people attending a rock or pop concert in Manchester, England. The performer at the concert was Arianna Grande, apparently a huge American star who appeals primarily to early teen girls.

Salman Abedi, age 22, acting in the name of the religion of peace, strapped a bomb lined with nails to his chest and walked into the arena where thousands of people including many children were enjoying the concert and blew himself up. The explosion created instant carnage with 22 dead and over 100 wounded. Many of the wounded were critical and may have died since the last report of casualties. Read More

What Global Empires Do

Darrell Castle discusses Trump vs Comey, the Trump – Russia investigation, and what it all means for America.

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Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s podcast. Today is Friday, May 19, 2017, and today we will be discussing the global empire that used to be America, but is now just the United States or as some have taken to calling it “the deep state.” Read More

Darrell Castle Interview on Wiretapping and Obamacare

Darrell Castle recently returned to the airwaves with this interview on the Home Front program, hosted by former Missouri State Representative, Cynthia Davis.
Darrell and Cynthia talk about President Trump’s wiretapping allegations, what the government already can do without a search warrant and the future of Obamacare.

Honorable Alternative

Darrell Castle was interviewed by David Tulis on Hot News Radio 1240 AM, Chattanooga, Tennessee, as the “Honorable Alternative” in the 2016 Presidential race.

Response to the Second Presidential Debate

Darrell Castle gives his take on the second Presidential debate held October 9, 2016.


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Response to First Presidential Debate

Darrell Castle gives his response to the first Presidential debate held on September 26, providing his perspective on the issues.

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The Life of the Party

Darrell Castle talks about the Constitution Party, his 2016 Presidential Campaign, and his vision of victory.

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Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s pod cast. Today is Friday July 29, 2016 and on today’s podcast we are going to discuss the Constitution Party and where we go from here.

In many ways the Constitution Party is a mirror of America which was founded by people with a youthful, energetic, attitude. Those were people who left stagnant and oppressive Europe to create a life for themselves in a new world. They wanted to be free to choose their own pursuit of happiness. That freedom allowed them to carve a nation out of a wilderness, a nation based on principles that allowed the most prosperity for the most people in history.

Today, America doesn’t seem so young anymore. We seem older, more fearful, less willing to explore, to risk danger. Even the young are frightened of the future which seems to hold grim economic realities for them. There is an attitude of pessimism rather than optimism and that is very un-American. We as Americans have always been optimistic, especially about our children’s future which we always have expected to be brighter than our own but now a majority of parents say they don’t expect their children to do as well economically as they have done.

What has caused this change of attitude in America?

The comparison of America’s founding with that of the Constitution Party may seem like a stretch but there are many similarities. When Howard Phillips wanted to start a new political party he did it because life in the Republican Party was stagnant and oppressive for him. He recruited the rest of us and we launched the Party with a youthful belief that we would prevail and eventually supplant the Republican Party.

Today, however, many of us in the Constitution Party don’t seem so young anymore. I’m not just talking about those who are no longer young in age, but I also mean those who are no longer young at heart. There are 25 year olds with old attitudes toward life. They seem unexcited about being alive and unexcited about the future and there are plenty of 85 year olds who look at each day as an exciting gift from God.

In terms of the constitution Party then, what is the difference. I submit that the difference is a vision of victory. When we started the Party we all believed that success was possible so we committed our lives to the project. We all worked hard, we gave our money, we raised money, and we recruited new members. Now it seems that we have lost that vision of victory that we originally had. In other words, many of us no longer believe that victory is possible.

Howard used to tell us that “to achieve victory, first you must seek it.” Today I think some of us have lost sight of the belief that victory is something we are seeking. When that happens people just go through the motions of what they are required to do without any real enthusiasm or effort. The audiences that I speak to sometimes remind me of some churches I’ve been in where the members have been in the service of the church so long they just want to sit and let someone else do it.

The irony is that this election cycle presents us with the greatest opportunity in the history of the Constitution Party and perhaps in history period. The Democrats and Republicans have handed us the chance we’ve been waiting on for 24 years. There are so many dis-satisfied people that many people who previously would not give us the time of day are coming our way.

People sense that something is desperately wrong in this country. Perhaps they understand that they may be living in the declining empire era of American history. If you use ancient Rome as an example you should be able to see the pattern. Rome started as a monarchy and evolved into a Republic just as America did. After many years the Roman Republic degenerated to the point where strong Caesars took control and the Republic became an empire. Some might say that has happened in America as well. The Roman Empire flourished for a while and then began to decay due to poor leadership which debased the currency and misused the army. Eventually the decadence and decay led to the fall of Rome and conquest by barbarian tribes.

Sound familiar?

The point is that it doesn’t have to be this way. We can save the Republic if we all work together but it will take all of us.

The growing enthusiasm for this campaign is being fueled by those who previously supported the campaign of Ted Cruz and who still would if he were in the race. I believe they see similar positions in me and in Senator Cruz. Together with some libertarians who once supported Austin Peterson they have energized and fueled this campaign with a youthful energy that I was afraid had been lost.

These people have convinced me that we can actually win and they have shown me the vision of how it can be done. Notice I said we because I can’t do it. I can’t do it, but together we can win. If we don’t win the election we can build a conservative coalition that will be a permanent force in American politics.

Right now ballot access in sufficient states hangs in the balance. I need all those Constitution Party people who have thus far done nothing to help to come out and help us. We need your money and your time. Many say they can’t give anything but everyone can give something and everyone can get a few signatures. Just do what you can to help those of us trying to save the Republic.

Finally folks, we can have a truly 10th Amendment presidency if we all work together. That would be a sweet day of freedom in America whether it comes in this election or the next. Get the vision of victory that many of us have and help us before it’s too late. Don’t squander this opportunity to make this Party a national force.

I offer my deepest gratitude to all those Cruzers, Libertarians and Paulers who are carrying us on your backs. You have been faithful with money, time, and talent. I appreciate you more than words can say.

At least that’s the way I see it,

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle,

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Why I Am Running for President of the United States

dcastleAt this critical time in American history, Darrell Castle explains why he put aside his business and personal life to run for President and why he feels it is so important that he win. Overcoming challenges from the current political structure of the country where media controls the news, he sets out what must be done immediately by the American people to prevent the loss of the Constitution and the American Republic. Right now, please take a moment to financially support Darrell’s campaign and share this message with everyone you know using all forms of media and creative ideas. Whether you like it or not, the future of your country is in your hands. How will you line up in the battle for liberty?

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Hello this is Darrell castle with today’s podcast. Today is Wednesday, July 20, 2016 and on today’s podcast I am going to answer a question I am asked quite often, and that is, why are you doing this.  Sometimes the questioner precedes the question with a statement such as “since you know you can’t win, why are you doing this?”

That is a question I ask myself quite often and Joan and I have had many long discussions about it.  In answer to the statement, I don’t accept it as true because I am a believer in God and I choose not to impose my limits on Him.  If He can create the heavens and the earth as the Bible says he did, then He can determine who wins this election.

The second reason that I don’t believe that I can’t win is that people have a chance to hear me and then decide for themselves how they want this country to go, although the mass media tries to ignore me and shut me out of any coverage.  More important than the news they speak incorrectly about or with bias about is the news they choose to simply ignore. If the major networks reported on my nomination and carried the Constitution Party convention live, carried my speech live, reported every public word I said with bated breath, and then said “If he gets enough access to the 50 ballots he could be a real force.”  Now that would change things, but that did not happen.

What can happen though is that the American people don’t have to follow the media like a Pavlovian experiment. They could actually do something different and when we all wake up after the election, I could be President and then everything that we have accepted as normal for many years would be different.

Now, back to the central question of why I am running for President.  It’s because I believe that everything I hold dear is at risk.  I told a reporter once that I am trying to save my country, trying to save the Republic but that doesn’t go far enough. Civilization itself is at risk.  The civilization going back to the Magna Carta is at risk. Let’s say that the Magna Carta represents the rule of law before the Constitution was adopted.  The concept that the law applies to all and that from the king to the average citizen, all are subject to it and no one, president or citizen is above it came from that document and was then enshrined in the Constitution.

That concept of the rule of law, is dead or dying right now.  That it is dead was made clear to us unequivocally by James Comey’s press conference about Mrs. Clinton’s email scandal.  There are now two sets of laws; one for the elite and one for us. I would use my Presidency to re-establish respect for the rule of law.  The Constitution itself is dying and will be dead in less than four months.  Mrs. Clinton obviously has no respect for it and Mr. Trump apparently doesn’t even know what it is.  He gives it no regard whatsoever and recognizes no limits on his power should he be elected.

My election would put a halt to that continuing increase in authoritarian government.  I run to limit the power of government in general and the Presidency specifically, rather than to increase it.

The other thing that is at risk now and will grow with time is the disregard for democracy defined simply as the right of the people to govern themselves.  The Declaration of Independence says that governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed but that concept is in serious trouble today.

Take the Brexit vote held recently in Great Britain whereby the British people voted to leave the European Union. Those in favor of continued membership for their own reasons have been screaming ever since.  Parliament has scheduled a vote for, I believe August 5, to determine if the people will be forced to vote again.  They make the people vote over and over until they obey.  The once sovereign will of the people is no longer respected.  The elite in the European Union referred to the people as “ignorance masses” and “the crowd’ just to show them who runs things.

The second example that I can think of is the attempts to disenfranchise many people in the Republican Party by depriving them of their chosen nominee.  The popular vote, the will of the people can be thwarted by those more able, more qualified to decide these things.

I also know that unless I win this election, the American people have no chance of becoming free and independent again.  Whoever wins will continue subservience to international bodies such as the United Nations and NATO which are unaccountable to the American people.

Whoever wins, if it is not me, will continue the enslavement of the American people to the central banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve.  We could take back the monetary system and be free, and we could end our indebtedness to the bankers.  There are many ways to do that but no other candidate will explore them.

Some other reasons I am running I will list briefly not because they are any less important but due to time and space limitations:

  1.  Abortion will continue unabated and no one elected will do anything to stop it.
  2. The free trade agreements will continue their off shoring of jobs and their transferring of American sovereignty to foreign corporations and unaccountable bureaucrats.
  3. The march toward a totally socialistic system similar to Venezuela but with more control will continue.
  4. Rule from above through division below will continue and we will continue to be pitted one group against another so we are more and more divided and more easily controlled.
  5. The NSA will continue to monitor all phone calls and read all emails and the system of monitoring and control will get worse and worse.
  6. World government, world taxation through a cashless system will be a reality.

I’m going to stop there because I think you get the idea.  My election could stop many of these things and at least hamper the others.  I can’t do it without you.  I need your help right now, this very day in our ballot access drive.  I need your money and your time.  Please go to Castle to donate.  Email to learn how you can help.

Remember folks all you have to do to make these things I mentioned come to pass is nothing.  We can change them if we stand together and work together. Take one step of faith and help me.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks, this is Darrell Castle

Thanks for listening.