Constitution Day – 2017 – by Daniel New

The Constitution, we are told, is the Supreme Law of the Land.  

Every elected official takes an oath to support and defend that Constitution, “against all enemies, foreign or domestic.”

What do you think are the odds that your elected or appointed representatives have even read the Constitution, one time? Ever?  

What do you think are the odds that your elected or appointed representatives have ever attended a seminar or a course on the subject of what that document says and meant at the time it was written? Read More

Restore, or Reform – That is the Question

Let’s face it – those who believe the Constitution is something that ought to be followed today, to the letter of Original Intent, are a small minority in our country.

There are basically two points of view amongst those conservative patriots who believe the only thing that could possible save this country would be to return as quickly as possibly to the Constitution:

  1. Those who believe it’s too late, that the Republic is dead, that it’s all over but the crying; and
  2. Those who believe it might be doable, IF we were to start voting for principled candidates instead of party hacks whose loyalty is to their party and their pocketbooks not necessarily in that order).

Ask any conservative which camp he falls in – most will tell you they think it can be done, but once again, those voters fall in one of two categories:

  1. Those who believe it’s necessary to Restore the Constitution by working with a third party dedicated to restoring the Constitution; and
  2. Those who think they can Reform the Republican party into something it is not, something it has never been, yet something it keeps telling us it is.

Those who would Restore via a third party are idealists, and have little chance of winning, but they’d rather be right than to compromise their principles.

Those who would Reform consider themselves to be pragmatists, thinking they’d rather get half a loaf than none at all.  The fact that they rarely get that half loaf never seems to discourages them.  They are like Charlie Brown – some day they just know they are going to get to kick that football!

The Reformers are willing to work with the “Streetwalkers for Jesus” because they just can’t believe that leaders would be so dishonest as to give them an excellent platform and then betray every plank in it when it comes down to critical votes in Congress.  They like to trust those who say what they want to hear.  And these pragmatists are the reason that a third party can’t get traction.  It can’t win because they won’t join, and they won’t join because it can’t win.

People tell us this all the time – “I love what you stand for, but you can’t win.”  They don’t seem to have thought through what they are also saying:  “I may not like the Policy of Prostitution in the Neocon party, but they can win, and that’s more important to me than any principles.”  In other words, “Winning is everything.”  And there are a lot of Americans, when you boil it down, who subscribe to that point of view.

As long as this attitude prevails, we’ll continue to get what we’ve been getting for our entire lifetimes – party hacks without principle, who will continue to run this country into the ground, eroding all the freedoms our ancestors acquired for us.

This is the same question that challenged Martin Luther in the 16th Century, and Alexander Campbell in the 19th.  “Do we rebuild from within, or do we start over?”  They were dealing with entrenched religious systems, of course, while our subject at hand is entrenched political parties, but the issues are much the same.

Do we try to reform the Republican Party from within, or do we start a new party?  Some high profile conservatives have voiced this question out loud, especially after the 2016 election.  Small wonder.  They’ve been being stuck with “moderate” candidates for president for the past thirty years.  (When they say “moderate”, think “socialist”.)

Nothing should be more clear to thinking conservatives and to Christians than the fact that, while their voting bloc is coveted, they are not welcome at the table when policy and legislation is being determined.

Most people who suggest starting a new party have no idea what they are talking about.  Their musings are as realistic as a lover promising the moon to his beloved.  Talk is cheap, but building a party is hard work.  It requires blood, sweat and tears.

Just ask Howard Phillips, who had the Vision in 1990 to begin a new party.  He was only 25 years ahead of his time.  He called it the “Taxpayers Party” (a name that turned out to be too clever by half), but later that was changed to a more marketable “Constitution Party”.

For more than two decades, now, the men and women of principle who were attracted to Phillips’ party of principle have cobbled together State affiliates across the land, achieved ballot access in many of them, and run serious candidates.  These pioneers have done this without any expectation of winning, but with the hope and prayer that the day would come when enough conservatives of high moral principle would walk out of the GOP (Group of Prostitutes) and start looking for an alternative.

The idea was (and is) that the infrastructure has already been built for those who want a new party – just come and join!

Republicans have scorned the Constitution Party as being a motley collection of religious fanatics, and speaking as an insider, I can’t deny that we have had, and continue to have some members who are a bit extreme in their beliefs.  Kind of like every church and every social club in America – some members are stronger in their views than others.

The GOP is hardly in a position to criticize us for having principled views – after all, they consistently put forth a platform that espouses deep religious and Constitutional beliefs and principles, while passing legislation that is diametrically opposed to that platform and to Biblical principles.  (This strategy has worked for many years to deny power, but to keep the votes of conservatives in November, invoking the “lesser of two evils” mantra.)

Will we ever learn?  Probably not.  Which means each generation of our children will know less and less freedom, until some day there will inevitably be another revolution.  What will our children think of us?

Lame Duck Obama is Trying to Start WWIII

The House of Representatives just passed a resolution creating a “no-fly zone” over the entire nation of Syria. It has passed the House and has been sent to the Senate.

Who gave the US Congress the authority to control other nations and their air space?  The United Nations?  God?  I don’t see it in our Constitution.  And if it’s not there, then it’s not authorized.

Qui bono?  Who benefits?

  • Those who want to help ISIS;
  • Those who want to embroil the USA in a world war against Russia;
  • Those who manufacture the weapons of war;
  • Those who want the United Nations to step in and squash yet another sovereign country – because it won’t play the game the way the Globalists tell them to play;
  • Those who are happy enough to sacrifice American lives in yet another war that is not ours;
  • Those who want to leave President Trump with a world war he cannot put out.

And now that the USA is paving the way, we see that Turkey has quit playing secret wars and has openly invaded Syria, which means Assad is fighting on two fronts at once.  This is a carefully choreographed situation, right out of the Oval Office.

Will the Russians get involved?  They already are.  Watch for headlines in the days to come, as they bomb Turkish tanks.

Will American planes fire on Russian fighter jets?  If ordered to do so, of course they will.

And will Putin quietly withdraw Russian forces and back down?  It will be the first time he’s ever done that before – no, he will retaliate in kind, and with more force that ever.

And war will be upon the Trump presidency and us as we start 2017.

This is exactly what Hillary Clinton was pushing for, and fully expected to be able to implement.  The surprise Trump win has forced the Warmongers of D.C. to step up the pace.

What’s most infuriating about this is the number of Republican congressmen sponsoring and voting for this resolution, which is to take effect immediately, and remain until 2021!!  42 of the 89 are Republicans.

ACT NOW – call or e-mail your Senators and demand that back off on the call to war, and wait until Trump is in office.

“Ding-dong, the Witch is dead!”

Conservative America is breathing a huge collective sigh of relief, for the specter of another Clinton administration held us in fear of the death of Western Civilization. 

Before we get the idea we can go back to sleep for four years, remember this: 
“An election is an event.  Restoring freedom is a process.”

We have been suckered into voting for the lesser of two evils for so long now that we’ve come to expect nothing better.  But it’s not working out very well, is it?  We elect candidates who call themselves conservatives, when in truth they are to the left of John Kennedy – whose speeches today sound conservative when compared to the Bushes, (liberal Republicans all their lives), or to Donald Trump – a man who has no clue about the Constitution. 

If we do not return to our founding principles, then our only alternatives were well stated by Thomas Jefferson, in the Declaration, when he told us it is our duty “to alter or abolish that form of government” which becomes destructive of the ends for which it was created.  In modern English, that means “revolution”.  Do you really want to go there?  No sane man does.  But that’s where this country is headed if we don’t take back the political process from the party elites like Karl Rove and Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn.  Taking it back does not mean you can just go vote every four years and think you have done what it takes.

“The day is coming when the conservatives of this country are going to wake up and realize that they have been played for fools by the Republican Party, and when they do, they are going to walk out.  We need to be waiting for them, with a political infrastructure that begin the process of restoring this Republic to its Constitutional foundations.” – Howard Phillips, Founder of the then Taxpayers Party, which became the Constitution Party. 

We invite you to consider the Constitution Party of Texas as an alternative to the “politics as usual”, joining us in finding candidates of quality starting right now, for the race for local and state offices in 2018 began on November 9!  Politicians never quit campaigning.  For the sake of our children, who we tell to stand up for what is right, even if we are alone, let’s consider the message we send to them when we fail to stand and fight for their freedom. 

Many hands make light work – we have some serious work to do, if we are going to salvage what is left of this Republic, and turn it around. 


Why is Your Write-In Vote Important?

In a nutshell, your write-in vote sends a message, loud and clear.  You have said loudly, that the world may both hear and see, “NONE OF THE ABOVE!”

First, you tell the existing parties that they have failed in their quest to bring you an acceptable candidate.  That, alone is a message to justify the effort.

Second, you tell aspiring candidates and third parties that you are looking for something better.  You encourage future challenges to the establishment and the ruling elites.  Third parties, in particular, can measure hard-core resistance to traditional political parties by examining the write-in votes.

Third, you tell your children and those within your sphere of influence that your vote is the expression of your conscience, and that you are willing to obey that inner voice, to not be stampeded by peer pressure into voting for an unacceptable candidate.

To abstain from voting is to waste your vote.  To vote for a qualified write-in candidate is to magnify your vote and your voice.

DARRELL CASTLE is the most qualified candidate in this race to support and defend the Constitution,  And you can write him in, in 2016.  See

Also see: How to Write-In Candidate Using Electronic Voting [PDF]

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to keep voting for the lesser of two evils.”
 — Daniel D. New

NATO Wants a War With Russia


In case you haven’t heard, NATO is contemplating declaring war on Russia. Apparently there are those who think another war would be good for business, and if that means the total havoc of war, who really cares?1 

Who gave NATO the power to take the USA and its Northern European allies into war?  According to my copy of the Constitution it still says, “Congress shall have the power to declare war.”  That is a power it may not delegate to the president, nor may it be delegated by treaty to a coalition of allies.  ONLY Congress may declare war on behalf of the USA. 

And yet, Secretary of State John Kerry taunts, "Russia needs to understand that our patience is not infinite." 

Is it that NATO fears becoming irrelevant, if they don’t have a military action now and then?  Do they need to blow things up in order to justify their existence?

Or is it worse than that?  Is there some Invisible Hand pulling the strings and moving NATO and the entire world toward another World War III?

One of the debates seems to be based upon whether NATO would be able to respond in time, if Russia starts this war they believe is coming, or if NATO should be gearing up to a war-footing “just in case.”  This is saber-rattling at its finest, but that used to be a sport enjoyed by politicians.  Elected politicians.  It is totally inappropriate for military leaders to be threatening, blustering and provoking a potential enemy. 

While Putin may be aggressive in protecting the interests of his own nation (as he should be), he has no intention of starting a war with Europe, which would quickly escalate into a war with the USA.  That would be suicide, and Putin is not suicidal. 

Putin holds to a worldview that recalls the glory of days of power of the Orthodox Faith, and that for centuries Russia held the position of Protector of that Faith.  So… looking beyond the borders of Russia, he sees it as his duty to help reestablish the Faith within those boundaries it formerly held sway.  (The fact that there are certain military and economic benefits to this role, and to the sphere of its influence, always helps, of course.) 

Obama and Kerry, however, seem to be committed to aiding and abetting the spread of (a) globalism, this time through NATO, and (b) Islam through a multi-pronged strategy, and they are frustrated that Russia has upset their little game.  The problem is that they are playing checkers, and Putin is playing chess.  (And, to make it worse, they’re not even very good at checkers!)

If the President establishes that he can take this nation to war, without a congressional declaration of war, then he has usurped the Constitution, and should be impeached.  If Congress had a spine, it would never have gotten this far.  Can Congress get a spinal implant, this late in our demise?  If they do not, then what’s left of this republic is doomed.

Precedent will be cited, going back to Harry Truman, but that just proves the point – the United Nations, and it’s auxiliary organization, NATO, are the instruments designed to subvert our national sovereignty and turn us into the financiers of our own destruction.  It appears to be working pretty well.

As a policy, we need to withdraw from NATO.  If Europe wants to be defended, Europe can pay for it, and Europe can use NATO as the European Armed Forces, if they so choose.  But they must do so without out money, our manpower, our materiel.  This will save billions of dollars, and will even make us some money, if they want to purchase airplanes and tanks.

More importantly, it will save American lives.  Military personnel would no longer be forced into what is nothing less than mercenary service under NATO and/or the United Nations. 

Vice President Al Gore once told parents of a son who was posthumously decorated for his actions on a UN military operation, “You can be proud that your son died in service to the United Nations.”  That does not warm the hearts of American patriots.

Can there be a single good reason for American soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen to have to fight, bleed and die for the New World Order?  If there is, then the oath of allegiance needs to be changed, because right now they are raising their right hands and taking an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.  But then they are being ordered into “international expeditionary adventures” where American interests are sometimes impossible to discern.  This is known in the business world as “bait-and-switch”. 

SPC4 Michael New was court-martialed in 1996 for refusing to wear a blue beret and deploy under a general from Finland into Macedonia.  As he pointed out at the time, “If they can make me serve in Macedonia, [without constitutional authority], then they can make me serve in Texas or New York.  Geography is no defense to prosecution.  It’s a question of their authority.  And where does their authority come from?  The Constitution?  Or the UN Charter?” 

This means that every soldier, airman, sailor or marine deployed under NATO is, de facto, a United Nations mercenary.

How many Americans realize that the UN Charter calls for the establishment of “regional military arrangements” to meet the needs of a given region?  And how many realize that the NATO Charter says,

“ARTICLE 1: The Parties undertake, as set forth in the Charter of the United Nations, to settle any international dispute in which they may be involved by peaceful means in such a manner that international peace and security and justice are not endangered, and to refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force in any manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations.

An excellent article on NATO and it’s original intent and design may be found at , where Eric Zuesse argues that the original purpose of NATO was not to oppose Communism, but to oppose and destroy Russia!  Our 400 military currently surrounding Russia should be evidence that Russia is not being paranoid in preparing to defend themselves.

Hillary Clinton, if elected, has every intention of seeing that we go to war with Russia. 2  The Clintons and the Bushes have been of one accord on this subject for decades. 

1 Article by Stephen F. Cohen, Is War With Russia Possible?  “The US is undermining opportunities for cooperation in Syria and Ukraine, while escalating NATO’s military presence near Russia.” 

Some Practical Advice on Building a Party

This speech was delivered by State Chairman Daniel New at the State Conference in Belton, August 13, 2016.  It is revised here for publication.

Some Practical Advice on Building a Party
By Daniel New, State Chairman

It is essential that we learn to recognize that an election is an event.  

  • It’s on the calendar. 
  • You can plan for it. 
  • You know when it’s going to happen.
  • You can schedule your life around it (or you can ignore it), like any other event.
  • They come, and they go, like the tides.

Freedom is a Process

  • Whether acquiring it, or maintaining it, it’s a lifestyle and a mindset.
  • Freedom is a matter of unshackling the mind first, and then the body. 
    • For example, have you ever known anyone who spent 12 years faithfully showing up at an institution to study only what was put before them, then…
    • Spent four more years signing loans in the tens of thousands of dollars, for the privilege of being further brainwashed into the system, then
    • Signed up to be chained to a 40 hour job for another 40 years;
    • Paid 50% of every dollar he earns over a lifetime to the government, at one level or another;  
    • …And then was offended when you suggested that he just may not be as free as he thinks he is?
    • “There is none so blind as he who will not see,” and “The most perfect form of slavery is where the people believe they are free.”
  • Restoring this Republic (if it is possible to do so) will not be “an event” – it is a process.  A lifestyle, if you will, of enough people that we eventually reach critical mass.  
  • In that process, we simply must change the way politics is done in this country.This means we have to stop doing the things we’ve been doing for the past several decades. Even at the risk of being the only person you know who starts that process of turning the tide.

Inasmuch as it is possible:

  • Get out of debt.  (No man who is deep in debt can make any claim on being a free man.  “The borrower is a slave to the lender.”)  Personal freedom comes first.
  • Withdraw yourself from institutions of bondage.  (This includes removing your children from government schools, removing yourself from churches that think they have to get a license from the government in order to function as a ministry.)
  • Teach your children to THINK and to ACT as if they are FREE, but that their government is NOT – it is bound by the limitations of the contract – which is the Constitution of the States, united!
  • Prepare yourself to run for office next year, or in the alternative, work hard on a team to elect one of your friends.  (Start making lists.  Just like that time you sold Amway.  Remember?  Make lists and make circles.  Only this time, you’re going to follow through and make it happen, right?)

All politics is local. 
What happens at the national level draws 98% of the attention of the media, and of the political discussions at work and around the table in your home.

However, your state legislature has more impact upon your daily life than Washington, DC.  The president, in many ways, is less important to your freedom than your county sheriff. 

Another fact to consider:  You and I have no impact upon the national election for several reasons.

  1. Much of it is rigged.  It’s a shell game.  The winner is already known.  (Or THOUGHT to be known!)  There is an Invisible Hand which chooses our presidents, and your vote at that level is largely irrelevant; 
  2. The most important offices you are going to vote for this year are:  County Sheriff; County Commissioners; State Rep and State Senate.  Can you name your current four holders of those offices? And almost as important is your school board, along with your city council.  (Instead of complaining about the total disaster of government schools, how about we fire the superintendent and hire one who will insist that a graduate can READ his own diploma?  Don’t tell me it cannot be done, until you have tried it.)
  3. If we don’t take back our state legislature, then there is no way that our governor can stand up to federal tyranny.  He needs a backbone.  How can our sheriffs and local police stand up to federal tyranny, unless the legislature covers them with appropriate legislation?  How do you think we can nullify a tyrannical federal law, without the State Legislature?  How can we repeal the 17th Amendment without the State Legislature?  And how can we even think about taking back Washington, if we cannot take back Austin?
  4. Here’s is how you play a zone defense, and take Liberty back:
    • Learn their names.
    • Meet these politicians face to face.  (be polite) (Best place to do this is on the campaign trail.  They are on their best behavior.)
    • Know their district maps.  Know their voting record ahead of time.
    • Unless they are already Champions of State Sovereignty and Resistance to Tyranny, decide who is going to take their place (you, or someone you know).
    • Build a voting bloc of at least 100 votes, which you can swing either way in the next election. (If you don’t have the vision of how to influence and cast a bloc of 100 votes in the next election, legally, and you would like to, please see me privately.  I’m not going to share that information in front of a camera.)
  5. The Constitution Party cannot be strong in this country unless it has strong State parties.  And in Texas, we cannot be strong, unless we have strong county organizations, with men and women who care more about freedom than they do about choosing the lesser of two weevils! 
  6. Out of 150 seats in the Texas House of Representatives, how many of them will be uncontested races in November?  Do you know?  96!  You think there is no room for a new party, one willing to rock the boat where the major parties have conceded that territory to their partners across the aisle?  That is collusion!  They’re not serious about winning anything except reelection to their “safe districts”.  It is our job to take away their Safe Places and let these pawns and puppets go back to working for a living!   

 We have 3 Choices:

  1. There is the easy road – we can continue doing what we’ve always done (which for most people is nothing), and accept the inevitability that we are going to lose more and more of our freedom, until none is left;
  2. There is the difficult road – we can resist tyranny by taking the process back (not just the event) – legally, by electing Public Servants who will enforce the Constitution;
  3. There is the bloody road – we can wait until civil war is upon us, and blood runs in the streets. No sane person wants this, but we are told that, "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

Who are the Losers?

  • They are losers who say that a third-party cannot ever win.  Of course it can.  (Where do you think the Republican Party came from?)
  • They are losers who say that we, as Free Men and Women, cannot throw the rascals out of office. 
  • They are losers who give up without a fight. 
  • They are losers who refuse to educate themselves and their children, to the issues that surround us. 
  • They are losers who think they are free, when they are not. 
  • They are losers when they love football and cable TV more than liberty.  If they know who Sean Penn is married to, and who he was married to before that, but they don’t know who their congressman is, they are losers!
  • They are losers when “Bread and Circuses” are more important than rooting out corruption and advances upon our private property and our freedom as articulated in our Founding documents.
  • Because they have lost their will to be free.

If you believe that it is impossible to take this country back, then either you are a loser, or it’s too late – America is lost.  Which is it? 

If.  Then. 

If America is lost, then what?

To arms?  Or to chains?



“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
Samuel Adams

Take this Test – find Your Political Party

(1) Fold the page to hide the answers, put your own position on each issue.


Balance federal budget, reduce govt.YesNoNoYes
Abolish the Income Tax (16th AmendmentYesNoNoYes
Protect my right to keep & bear armsYesYesNoYes
End Abortion for birth controlYesYesNoNo
Troops brought home, war endedYesNoYesYes
Repeal 17th Amendment  (direct election of senators)YesNoNoYes
Amnesty for illegal aliensNoYesYesYes
End welfare for all non-citizensYesNoNoYes
Recognize same-sex marriagesNoYesYesYes
Restore property rightsYesNoNoYes
Abolish ALL unconstitutional agenciesYesNoNoYes
The USA out of the United NationsYesNoNoYes
U.S. soldiers under U.N. authorityNoYesYesNo


(2) Count how many times each party          _13   ____    ____   ____   ____

CP = Constitution Party                             RP = Republican Party

DP = Democratic Party                               LP = Libertarian Party


Now you know which party is most compatible with your overall view, without regard to personalities and candidates. (In a few cases, one may dispute the positions above of various parties. We base these answers on actual policies and voting records in Congress and the White House, instead of the meaningless platforms which state positions they do not believe.)

 Seven Principles of the Constitution Party are:

  1. Life: For all human beings, from conception to natural death;
  2. Liberty: Freedom of conscience and actions for the self-governed individual;
  3. Family: One husband and one wife with their children as divinely instituted;
  4. Property: Each individual’s right to own and steward personal property without government burden;
  5. Constitution: and Bill of Rights interpreted according to the actual intent of the Founding Fathers;
  6. States’ Rights: Everything not specifically delegated by the Constitution to the federal government, nor prohibited by the Constitution to the states, is reserved to the states or to the people;
  7. American Sovereignty: American government committed to the protection of the borders, trade, and common defense of Americans, and not entangled in foreign alliances.



danielPouring Gasoline On An Open Fire

Is What Progressive Politicians Are Doing

They Are Fueling A Massive Culture Clash

As Obama Brings The 3rd World To Your Doorstep

How On Earth Did We Get Here ? Bringing massive numbers of immigrants into the USA is a formula for disaster.  This is a strategy used to quickly destabilize a targeted enemy country.  The Europeans who flooded into America came for Liberty.  Not matter how badly they wanted to get into the USA, their flow was regulated, their backgrounds checked and their medical conditions were checked and verified.  For some Liberty meant the right to worship their version of Christianity the way they wanted.  For others it was all about property and the right to own land.  No matter how they defined Liberty, they all came to improve their lot in life by working hard work.  They brought their existing skills and acquired others.   All relished property rights and the dream of seeing their children have opportunities that would have been impossible in their countries of origin.  Their “cheap labor” was one of the reasons for the explosive growth of America.  That exchange was a marvelous trade.  Today, all that has changed.  How did it ever transpire that the US government decided to give welfare to immigrants?

[one_third]Progressive & Corrupt Politicians & Bureaucrats have ruined the USA.  This did not happen over night.  It began in earnest in 1913 with Woodrow Wilson’s election.  Massive bureaucratic roadblocks are in the path of those who want to work, to create and to build.  Red tape and taxes have become confiscatory.  Creativity has been squelched and private property rights no longer exists.

Think You Own Your Property ??
Wrong !! .. Think Again !!

If you think you own that property you paid for and maintained, just try not paying your rent to the State and you’ll find out in due time that you will be evicted and the property will be confiscated.

Building Bigger Government Bureaucracies Progressives (Democrat & Republican) have been more interested in political gain & graft at the expense of liberty.  They have failed miserably at rewarding the creative classes.  Instead they have rewarded government, created more bureaucracies and made the old ones bigger.  Pursuing the noble cause of Security, they have allowed the erosion of Freedom, and they have seriously dampened the American dream of equal opportunity for all.

Statesmen Without Support Americans have been content to watch the destruction of any statesman who stood up for the ideas Constitution.  Meanwhile, the press takes great joy lampooning and marginalizing them.[/one_third]

[one_third]Subsidizing Immorality An unending series of politicians flashing glittering generalities and snake oil are pouring gasoline directly onto the fire.  They are purposefully creating a huge class of Americans who are increasingly dependent on government cheques. With malice in their hearts, they are making it impossible for families to take care of their own.  The cost of health care and other critical products & services are so high that two incomes are required to just barely break even.  I believe this is the way tyrants subsidize immorality.  This is nothing short of government-sponsored bastardy.  It is the willful destruction of the American family.  The more kids you have out of wedlock, the more money you can get.

They Don’t Want To Be Americans But that wasn’t enough.  The destruction of America’s work ethic just couldn’t happen fast enough.  We are in the process of bringing in millions of refugees who know nothing of a work ethic, who don’t speak our language, who know nothing of our history, who have no marketable skills (not even cheap labor), who don’t need to work because your tax money puts them in free apartments, gives them various forms of welfare, and worse, grants them citizenship so they can vote to keep the socialists in power from now on.  How many of them will decide they want to learn English, develop a work ethic, and start become self-reliant?[/one_third]

[one_third_last]How Naïve Are You ? Many are so naïve that they think what is unfolding before their eyes .. “just happened”?  Do you think we are witnessing a 75 year old program to destroy the USA unfold?  Many believe, with certainty, that there an agenda to reward indolence and to punish hard work and creativity is indeed in place.  Do you believe in the tooth fairy ?

America Is On Fire and politicians of both parties are rushing like a volunteer fire brigade.  However, the problem is that they are not throwing water on the flames, they are throwing gasoline.

How’s that “voting for the lesser of two evils” working out for you, America?
Will we live to see a Constitutional Republic In The USA, once again?
Let Us Hear From You.  We Would Love To Learn What You Think.

“All That Is Necessary For The Triumph Of Evil
Is For Good Men To Keep Voting
For The Lesser Of Two Evils.”


2016 – When the GOP Implodes, Will We Be Ready?


Amidst all the hoopla of presidential debates and primaries and polls, the minor parties, the several “third parties” are lost in the dust.  We seem irrelevant.

When there is a conservative Republican, the Constitution Party in particular is placed in an awkward position.  After all, most of us left the Republican Party because we felt we were not being given enough conservative candidates, so most conservatives stay within the fold and vote for that losing conservative candidate.

Ron Paul, for example, absolutely killed the Constitution Party in 2008 and in 2012.  Literally thousands of Texans voted for Ron Paul who would have otherwise been very likely to have joined, and even become active in our party.  So we didn’t make ballot access, and they had no viable choice in November.  Again.  (You don’t think there might be a pattern developing there, do you?)

But this year, as conservatives and constitutionalists turned out to vote for Ted Cruz, we are seeing an interesting opportunity shaping up.  There is more than a small possibility that the GOP will deliberately shipwreck their party before they let Ted Cruz become their nominee.  Cruz, for all his faults (and he has several), is very popular in Texas.  And if the GOP conspires to cut him out of the running, by hook or by crook, they are going to alienate a large segment of the electorate.

There is a real possibility that 2016 will bring so many people to the Constitution Party that it could well affect a number of races around the country, and some candidates might well find themselves in a most surprising situation of being elected!

Yellow-dog Republicans (those who would vote for a yellow dog before they would vote for a Democrat) are already screaming bloody murder that, “A vote for a third party is a vote for Hillary!”  That’s because they see they might lose yet another presidential race if they can’t count on conservative voters to come out and support their socialist candidate.  (Are they slow learners, or is it they just prefer to lose, rather than nominate someone who might return us in the direction of constitutional government?)

So which is worse?  An International Socialist (Democrat) in the White House, making more Americans mad by the day, or a National Socialist (Republican) in the White House, putting everyone back to sleep with conservative slogans, all the while consolidating the losses of freedom that the previous administration foisted on us?  This country does not need four years on Xanax – we need a political revolution – in order to prevent a literal armed revolution!

There are several reasons why joining the Constitution Party now, in 2016, makes a lot of sense:

  1. Voting your conscience is never an exercise in futility, even if it’s a write-in vote!  It’s a sacred duty.  When you vote for someone because you think they are more likely to win, you nothing more than a sheep.
  2. Voting your conscience sends a message to party leaders – of all parties.  When third party votes go up, majority parties start adopting policies which will appeal to those voters.  Not because they have principles, but because they can count.
  3. Helping build a stronger third party movement gives you and your friends a wider field of choice in November.
  4. A stronger third party could easily become a major player on a ballot where both major parties have abandoned over half the seats to one another,1 because (once again) they are not about principles, they are about power and maintaining the status quo.
  5. There WILL BE special elections next year.  It happens every off year.  If you join now, and help us build an active chapter of the Constitution Party in your county, and if you fall in one of those special election districts, then you can field a candidate and we can have instant ballot access!  In the past we have had to watch those elections be conducted without a candidate because we had no one to run.  You can change that.
  6. Your membership dues (which are really low) mean we can advertise and print literature and inform more voters about how they can have some qualified candidates, instead of neoconservatives who don’t have a clue about constitutional government.

You are a leader, whether you know it or not.  If you join, and then invite a few others to join, a domino effect begins.  But it won’t happen until you make it happen.

We hope you’ll also subscribe to our mailing list, “friend us” on Facebook (Constitution Party of Texas), and then encourage five or ten friends to do the same.  Those simple (and free) little things add up when a lot of people do them.  And if we don’t start stirring ourselves outside our comfort zone, then nothing will change, and this country will continue to subside into a place where we really don’t want our grandchildren to have to live.

When you get to that point where you suddenly realize that the voters have been hoodwinked (again), and that a con-game is going on between the two major socialist parties, don’t abandon the fight – start a new one!  Help us create some viable alternatives the next time around, else nothing will change.

1 There are 150 seats in the Texas House of Representatives.  An amazing 96 of those races will only have one candidate on the ballot in November this year, as there is no opposition.  This comes, of course, from gerrymandering – both parties are willing to concede so many seats to the opposition, so that the status quo is not disturbed.  ANY candidate, whether an Independent or of any third party, stands a chance of upsetting the apple cart in many of those 96 races.  Voters who are given a choice on the ballot will surprise the elite power brokers.  That’s why you aren’t getting choices.  That’s why they conspire to make ballot access so difficult.


It’s about the Constitution!  ‘Hope and Change” the Founding Fathers believed in!

Daniel New, Chairman