Just a few of my friends having lunch at the Constitution Party Spring Meeting here in St. Louis earlier this month.

If the housing market in the St. Louis area is any indication, we’re on a roll!

Listen to our show today with Financial Expert, Doug Tjaden, to learn more about our economy than you will hear anywhere else! Doug explains to us what is going on and what we can do to protect our assets both now in the future.

What do you think is the best way to safeguard yourself and your family if there is an economic collapse?

On this episode, we interview Doug Tjaden. Doug is an expert on monetary reform and co-leads the public policy group on monetary policy for the statesman project.

Many people find it difficult to understand what’s happening in the financial world. Today, our guest, Doug Tjaden, breaks it down for us into digestible pieces. By the end of the show, you’ll agree that you have a much better understanding of our world, the economy and what you should do to protect yourself in case of an economic collapse.

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Darrell Castle – Supreme Court

Our guest is Darrell Castle, Constitution Party Presidential nominee in 2016. Darrell is the premier legal expert on all things Constitutional.

On our show today, we explain how the senate makes decisions on who to confirm, what’s happening around the world and how to navigate through the potholes of government.

You will leave with a fresh perspective to give you hope and encouragement on how to understand the events in the world taking place today.

Constitutional Expert Herb Titus

Today we have Constitutional scholar, Herb Titus. Herb is a lawyer, a writer and a former Vice-Presidential Candidate from 1996.

Are you wondering how much evolution has affected our political and judicial culture today?

Did you know the Declaration of Independence is really just a very long prayer?

We get into the waste of big governmental bureaucracies and bad judges, the executive order by the president of the United States that was overturned by a Seattle judge, and the evolution of law.

How much is the lie of evolution affecting our political and judicial culture today?

How does Donald Trump stack up on the Constitutional measuring stick?