2012 National Convention

Important National Convention Update

Early Registration Discount Rate Announced

The Constitution Party National Convention is not subsidized by the American taxpayers or powerful special interest organizations as are those of the Democrat and Republican Parties. The Constitution Party must look to itself in order to pay for its most important quadrennial “Gathering of Eagles.”

Therefore, the Constitution Party depends, in large part on the individual registration fee to help pay for the Hotel convention facilities, various services and for the several meals that are provided to the delegates and other registrants. The Constitution Party’s Convention Planning staff does the onerous behind the scenes work of putting together a first rate “production,” while at the same to trying to keep costs to a minimum. It isn’t easy, but they do a great job every time and 2012 is no exception. They have worked hard to make the the 2012 Constitution Party National Convention a great event and impressive showcase for the party, while trying to make it possible for Constitution Part supporter in America to attend.

The early registration discount rate, which covers admission to all 2012 Constitution Party National Convention and National Committee related events* in Nashville, TN has been set at:$245. This rate will be in effect until March 15, 2012, at which time the rate will necessarily increase. Every individual and state delegation leader and member is encouraged to pre-register and take advantage of this early registration discount rate. It is good for you and it is a big help to those planning this event. This rate was only announced yesterday by the planning committee and no registration forms are yet available, but they soon will be. The purpose of this early advisory is to assist individuals and state party organizations for planning purposes and to help each facilitate their attendance at the 2012 Constitution Party National Convention. State parties should be doing everything possible to help defer attendance costs for individual delegates so that each state can have maximum participation at his most important national event. The old traditional stand- bys of bake sales, rummage sales, yard sales, raffles (if allowed and not objected to by your own members) come to mind as a few methods to raise money to help defer some of the costs in sending your delegation to Nashville. What, if anything, each state or individual does in this regard is up to them.

*Actual participation and voting will be subject to payment of nominal delegation (not individual delegate) fee for the National Convention proceedings and payment of annual dues by National Committee members for National Committee proceedings.

Room rates forSheraton Music City Hotel, Nashville, TN, the venue for the Convention are set at only $129 per night, which includes multiple occupancy. More details concerning room reservations will be forthcoming very soon.

It is important for every Constitution Party member and supporter to get to Nashville, April 18-21. For more information on becoming a delegate from your state and other matters concerning your own states participation plans please contact your state chairman: www.constitutionparty.com/view_states.php. If you do not get through to your state chairman or other representative of your state party, don’t hesitate to call the Constitution Party National Office in Lancaster, PA at 717-390-1993 or 1-800-2VETOIRS or contact this email address and we will do everything in our power to facilitate your attendance at this most important and historic National Convention.

Convention Program

It is time to start making your orders to place an Ad in the Convention Program for you state or local party, your campaign, your business, your organization, your favorite patriotic cause or for your own personal message. These Ads, along with the aforementioned individual registration fees are the primary sources of income by which the National Convention pays for itself. Please participate. Certainly every state participating in the National Convention should place an Ad of some size, as should the campaign of every candidate seeking the Constitution Party nomination

Constitution Party National Convention Program Ad Rates

Size/ Black & White / Color

Business Card / $100/ $150
Quarter Page / $250/ $350
Half Page / $350/ $450
Interior Full Page / $700/ $800
Inside cover front or back / $1,000
Outside back cover full color / $1,500

For more information call:
Nancy Chiasson
Convention Program Advertising Director
at (619) 467-0254, or
contact her by email at:
[email protected]All of the details are set forth in the link shown below:Place your ad in the convention program – Click here for details.
Vendor Tables

A significant number of vendor tables will be available at the 2012 Constitution Party National Convention for organizations, candidates, individuals and, well, vendors who wish to display their information and sell their products.This will be a great time and place to spread the word about your business, organization, candidacy or special cause. It is another great way to participate in and support the 2012 Constitution Party National Convention. Start thinking about it now.Details on availability, costs making reservations for vendor tables will be forthcoming soon.

Convention Volunteers Are Needed!

Anyone wishing to assist in volunteering to help out with one or more of the many National Convention tasks at the convention please contact either Thom Holmes at [email protected], or Donna Ivanovich, at [email protected]. We will need many volunteers to help make this convention run smoothly. Your assistance and willingness to help out will be most appreciated and will help make this 2012 Constitution Party National Convention a positive experience for all who attend.

And, Finally…

Remember, this isn’t just any meeting…it is the 2012 Constitution Party National Convention

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