Amnesty or Comprehensive Immigration Reform is being discussed by both of the deceptive ruling Parties of the day.  Who are they?  They are the Republicans and Democrats.  Instead of dealing with this as a National Security issue they are focused on using it is as a political issue.  They have become so self absorbed in political grandstanding and making political maneuvers to win the people to their side,   the true focus is ignored.  Immigration and citizenship is a coveted status by many from all over the world.  We have people who have legally paid the price to gain citizenship and waited years to get it.  The ones who have defied all legal entry into the United States have broken the law – no ifs ands or buts about it.

What I do not understand from the supporters of Amnesty is why allow the law breakers to benefit from their crimes.  Would you be okay with me breaking into your house and taking things you have worked hard to obtain and filling my home with your belongings?  I do not believe anyone would be okay with that.  So why is it okay to give them a free pass just because they are here on this side of the border?

Many have allowed emotions to rule their decisions and emotions are always a bad way of making decisions.  Emotional decisions fail to allow for understanding consequences and many times are spontaneous in nature.  For example, I have heard the expression: “I would like to slap the stupid out of you”.  An emotional feeling in response to someone saying something, at one time in our life, we feel is just wrong.  Acting upon that thought or verbal response would be unlawful in many aspects.   Where would it lead?  What would be the consequences be?  You know the answer and I will not go into detail.

Why then would we not STOP, examine the issue, examine the laws already written and enforce those laws.  Our Nation must be preserved in a responsible manner.  Those who do enter into citizenship must go through the process legally and understand part of the responsibilities of citizenship is to assimilate into the population of citizens.  This is a slap in the face for those who have legally gone through the process of legal citizenship.  They must become productive, innovative, participants of society.

We have laws which allow for migrant workers.  We have laws which allow them to come and go.  Abuses of the system cannot be allowed.  Ignoring the problem has only gotten us into the trouble we have to face present day.  We can no longer ignore the consequences we face.  These consequences are nourishing the mindset of those who are crossing our borders to gain free money, free healthcare etc.  It has become a drain on our economy, finances and national security.  Only citizens who have worked and contributed to a system established for social needs should have full rights of access to the programs, not those who have illegally entered into our borders.

I would hope that one day we would eliminate these programs and put the money back into the hands of those who worked and paid into the system by giving them a full refund and transfer them into the same retirement plan our government currently has. This is another issue to be dealt with of which I will address in another statement.

Ignoring the issue is creating a Socialist, Marxist mentality which must be halted.  I have no problem with immigration, yet must it be handled legally and responsibly.  Not with a political grandstanding and shifting of powers mentality.

About the writer:  David W. Smith is the Orange County Contact for the Constitution Party of Texas and a small business owner.

2 thoughts on “Amnesty

  1. Two things to comment on:

    First, I have used this analogy before regarding this very issue and just wanted to share it. It is the same as someone hacking into a bank and defrauding it of large sums of money and the bank then asking the hacker if they would like to open an account at the bank.

    Second, I think you touched upon one of the main issues regarding our government and our culture. It is a culture of if it breaks throw it out and buy a new one without trying to fix it (and in some cases it isn’t broken, its an excuse to replace it). Those who were elected to represent us are not working on fixing the problems with our nation but are slapping paper-mache bills of law over preexisting patches. Faster and faster without taking a step back to actually ponder the problem and fix it.

  2. This is really one issue that really has a lot strawmen and needs careful scrutiny. I really don’t agree with the author’s conclusions. Natural law arguments which the constitution is based upon would not exalt the state above the family. I have personally seen dads deported from their families without a blink toward the option of possible amnesty.

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