Lame Duck Obama is Trying to Start WWIII

The House of Representatives just passed a resolution creating a “no-fly zone” over the entire nation of Syria. It has passed the House and has been sent to the Senate.

Who gave the US Congress the authority to control other nations and their air space?  The United Nations?  God?  I don’t see it in our Constitution.  And if it’s not there, then it’s not authorized.

Qui bono?  Who benefits?

  • Those who want to help ISIS;
  • Those who want to embroil the USA in a world war against Russia;
  • Those who manufacture the weapons of war;
  • Those who want the United Nations to step in and squash yet another sovereign country – because it won’t play the game the way the Globalists tell them to play;
  • Those who are happy enough to sacrifice American lives in yet another war that is not ours;
  • Those who want to leave President Trump with a world war he cannot put out.

And now that the USA is paving the way, we see that Turkey has quit playing secret wars and has openly invaded Syria, which means Assad is fighting on two fronts at once.  This is a carefully choreographed situation, right out of the Oval Office.

Will the Russians get involved?  They already are.  Watch for headlines in the days to come, as they bomb Turkish tanks.

Will American planes fire on Russian fighter jets?  If ordered to do so, of course they will.

And will Putin quietly withdraw Russian forces and back down?  It will be the first time he’s ever done that before – no, he will retaliate in kind, and with more force that ever.

And war will be upon the Trump presidency and us as we start 2017.

This is exactly what Hillary Clinton was pushing for, and fully expected to be able to implement.  The surprise Trump win has forced the Warmongers of D.C. to step up the pace.

What’s most infuriating about this is the number of Republican congressmen sponsoring and voting for this resolution, which is to take effect immediately, and remain until 2021!!  42 of the 89 are Republicans.

ACT NOW – call or e-mail your Senators and demand that back off on the call to war, and wait until Trump is in office.