Presidential and Vice-Presidential Nominees

dcastle-bradleyDelegates nominated Darrell Castle as the party’s candidate for President at the convention in Salt Lake City on Saturday 16 April.

“If I am elected president, I will first of all get out of the super-national authority, the United Nations,” Castle said.

He also vowed that he would have the US leave NATO and promised to “end the Federal Reserve”.

He added: “[We’ll have] a different monetary system. By that I just mean – no more going to the king’s table for his scraps. No more crying and begging for an audit of this bank, please-tell-us-what-you-did-with-our-money kind of thing,” he said.

Castle, 67, also said he would deal with state debt in order for the US to stop being “a slave to the creditors” – but did not elaborate on how he would do that.

Constitution Party Nominee Acceptance Speech Darrell Castle and Scott Bradley gave their acceptance speeches at the party’s convention at the City Center Hilton in Salt Lake City.

Who Are We Fighting?

Darrell Castle talks about the War on Terror, the rights of terrorists and poses the question — Why don’t we identify who we are fighting?

Silhouette of soldier with rifle
Silhouette of soldier with rifle