The Constitution Party of Hawaii is Back on the Ballot!


We are excited to tell you that the Hawaii Elections Department has officially verified all the signatures on the petitions submitted by the Constitution Party and given us ballot access in their state for the first time since 2008.  Hawaii joins a growing number of states where the Constitution Party has labored and succeeded in gaining ballot access.

Ballot access is a complicated process which varies from state to state, often requiring thousands of signatures and thousands more of dollars spent, time and money not required of the Democrats or Republicans. We invite you to visit the Ballot Access page on our national website to find out more about ballot access and to see which states have so far qualified.   Many states will begin the ballot access process in the upcoming weeks.   Your donation at this time is critical to the effort to get not only a presidential candidate on the ballot but all Constitution Party candidates on the state and local level. Please be sure to select the Ballot Access option when asked where we may attribute your donation.

Thanks again for your continued and generous loyalty that makes such successes possible.

Frank Fluckiger
National Chairman

Can You Change Your Gender?

Can-You-Change-Your-Gender-1It seems like most “transgenders” trying to force their issues are men trying to get into the ladies’ locker rooms or bathrooms.  Have you ever heard of the reverse scenario – where women are trying to get into the men’s locker rooms or bathrooms?  I have not.

Men and women are different. More men like to see undressed women than women like to see undressed men.  Not to always use Washington State as an example of the extremism, but here is another story that just happened of a man trying to strip in front of a girls swim team claiming the new “transgender” laws allow him to do this.

There’s a push from many sides to sexualize our entire culture:  laws, court cases, public school classes, TV shows, movies and all the other “politically correct” cultural influences.  The efforts to showcase deviancy is designed to desensitize us and make us regard pathological behavior as normal and expected.

Some of the more notable stories from last year were about Bruce Jenner, public school board locker room policies, and our military’s new policy allowing “transgenders”.  There are plenty more examples I could add to this list, but we try to keep our articles short and believe you’ve already heard plenty.

The way society responds depends on the definition of this behavior.  The condition is called “gender dysphoria” or “gender-identity disorder”.  Some people consider it to be a form of mental illness.  Is it a mental illness?  Is it an effort to “progress” our country to focus on sex and homosexuality?  Is it an evolutionary statement?  Is it a bid for media attention?

While people are holding their own opinions, many in the media and governments are enacting vocabulary and public policies on the premise that contorted laws need to happen.  We are now seeing a day when some of our leaders are pushing for public policies destined to cause harm to women and children in the name of “political correctness”.

Is this philosophy helping or hurting?  After the shock value has worn off, more than 41% of “transgenders” attempt suicide.  Most have regrets.  The vast majority of “transgenders” are men attempting to look like women.

Regardless of drugs or surgeries, men are still men and women are still women.

For thousands of years the Olympic competitions allowed us to view outstanding feats of human athleticism.  The reason steroids were not allowed was because it would turn the Olympics into a freak show.  If men are allowed to compete against women, they might as well allow steroid use to alter the hormones nature didn’t supply.

My advice to any and all women wanting to compete in the Olympics is to skip it altogether if they are going to have to compete against men.  Men wanting to compete as women could win, but the spirit of honest competition is gone.  If the Olympics committee discovers it is hosting a competition exclusively for “trans-gendered” men, the decision makers may get the message and decide to return the competitions back to reality.

Men appear to enjoy competing against women because it is highly likely they will win, but who is standing up for the women?  “Transgenders” want to compete  to gain attention, win competitions and attempt to normalize deviancy.  If the management caves under political pressure, it will be at the cost of honest competition—the hallmark of good sportsmanship.

The more we allow bureaucratic entities to foist a philosophical position on us, the worse it will become.  Most are starting to agree with the Johns-Hopkins Psychiatrist who said sex changes are biologically impossible and that mental disorders are not corrected by surgery .



A stopped clock is right twice a day as the saying goes.  Occasionally the big talk of the establishment politicians running for president tickles our ears.  However, one or two attractive lines out of 100 issues they advocate is not something that should distract Constitution Party members from our vital agenda.

As Chairman of the Constitution Party I must emphasize that based on their knowledge and support of the U.S. Constitution, none of the elitist candidates are qualified to be President.

Unlike President Obama who is methodically leading America down the path to Socialism, Bernie Sanders is a proud Socialist — he wants to quickly get us to the finish line.  On the upside, he has a surprisingly conservative gun record: he voted against the 1993 Brady Act, supported bills to allow firearms in checked bags on Amtrak trains, and to block funding to any foreign aid organization that registered or taxed gun owners.

It’s hard to find even one or two issues that Hillary Clinton espouses that Constitutionalists can consider serious. Polls show that among the electorate — left, right, and center — she is viewed as untrustworthy.  However, Clinton does support tax credits for things such as student loans, and endorses making flag desecration illegal.

John Kasich, is the “moderate” GOPer, but Grover Norquist, head of Americans for Tax Reform, told the Washington Examiner this month that Kasich “signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and he kept it.  All his tax proposals were net tax cuts.”  However, Kasich shrugs off gay marriage as something inevitable because “the Supreme Court has decided” and says of the 12-14 million illegal aliens in the U.S., “I would prefer for them to be legalized once we find out who they are, because I think they contribute a lot to America.”

Ben Carson says climate change debate is “irrelevant” because temperature change is cyclical.  He champions charter schools and supports local control of public schools. His notion of implementing price controls for health insurance is to the left of President Obama: Carson calls health insurance “an ideal place for the intervention of government regulators.” Instead of a free market regarding labor practices, Carson believes that the federal minimum wage mandate needs to be raised.

Ted Cruz is pro-life, advocates repealing Obama Care, and introduced legislation that would curtail EPA
regulations.  Although he’s said, “Goldman Sachs engages in crony capitalism,” he received a sweetheart loan of $1 million from Wall Street, his wife is head of the Southwest Region Management Division of Goldman Sachs, and she was, a member of the power elites’ Council on Foreign Relations for five years. There are those who doubt whether he’s truly a grass roots conservative.

Donald Trump on the U.S. Department of Education: “You could cut that way, way, way down;” on immigration: “stop illegal immigration by building a wall on our southern border that Mexico will pay
for;” on the national debt: “I would impose a one- time 14.25% tax on individuals and trusts with a net worth over $10 million.”  Commentator Glen Beck on Trump: “I haven’t heard him talk about the Constitution … It’s hard to say you espouse conservative principles and a small-government when he says that the Canadian health care system works and is wonderful.”

Marco Rubio has 100 percent ratings from National Right to Life and the NRA. He’s earned endorsements ranging from social conservative Rick Santorum to Tea Party favorite Congressman Trey Gowdy. However, he makes contradictory and confusing statements on immigration (for example, “We need
to give them amnesty first so the illegals can pay for increased border security”), and has admitted that he supports government subsidies for the sugar
industry because it employs workers in his home state.
* * *

Establishment candidates simply don’t understand the phrase “uphold and defend the Constitution” in the oath of office when being sworn in as President. However, our Constitution Party believes in the advice of Samuel Adams who wisely observed, “If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”

We also take seriously the admonition of John Adams: “There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.”

2016 is upon us — less than eight months until Election Day. Constitution Party members cannot be preoccupied by the establishment game of selling their candidates as serious choices.  According to Samuel Adams and John Adams, we must march to a different drummer.

The Destruction of Western Civilization – Rule By A Tiny Elite

CR-web-RulingElite-e1455316518529Darrell Castle  continues – and also conclude – our six-week-long discussion of Western Civilization: how it met with destruction, what that means for us today, and, if it is gone, what has replaced it?

What used to be known as European Civilization, or Western Civilization, was burned up in the fires of World Wars One and Two. It took World War Two to finally finish off the sovereignty of the Western World and deliver it into the hands of an “international ruling elite,” consisting of an entrenched group of politicians, bureaucrats, bankers, multinational corporations, including media giants and their executives, and probably many others. Unnoticed by most of the public, these insiders have taken control of the United States Government, which, in turn, controls the Western World, and even the non-Western World to some extent, with the money provided by the credit-based monetary system, and the debt that system allows the United States to incur.

These “elitist” people apparently have much more power and influence than “We, the people,” although “We, the people,” formed the government to serve our common purposes. The elite always seem to get what they want, and the voters only count if their interests happen to coincide with the elite out of pure coincidence. The people elect presidents and change majorities in congress and the senate, but nothing ever seems to change except to continue further down the same path. The country exhausts itself financially, fighting wars, and providing a very costly defense for the rest of NATO from the threat of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union collapses and we breathe a sigh of relief, but nothing changes. Now we have a new enemy in Islamic terrorism that we have been fighting at least since 1991, and there is no end in sight. The defense budget goes up each year, and we need more and more costly weapons systems to fight the growing threats. Regulations are removed, allowing giant banks to engage in casino-type gambling, with not only depositors’ money, but with money the banks don’t even have. When the whole sordid mess collapses, threatening the entire economy, the United States government steps in with trillions of dollars from the fruits of the labor of American taxpayers, and, with that debt, the taxpayers will have to work many years just to pay the interest alone.

The government looks essentially the same on paper today as it did more than 200 years ago, but it is not the same and, in fact, it is not even close to the same. The new government of today doesn’t care about the people, about you and me and who we voted for, and it doesn’t care about the nation and its safety. The government of today cares only about the elite who control it. It is not in the best interests of the elite for wars to end or for terrorism to be eliminated. Therefore, these people want wars to continue and to breed new wars. They want terrorism to flourish and not end, because those things help them transfer an endless stream of taxpayer funds into their pockets. Wars and terrorists don’t really threaten the elite, they make them stronger. They are akin to vampires, sucking blood to strengthen their existence.

You and I, on the other hand, could easily become threats to the elites, but, not to worry, they have that well under control. That is why they built a $1.5 to $2 billion dollar complex in Utah with $2 billion more for electronic components, to keep tabs on each of us; but it’s not just us, it’s every person on planet earth. That’s right! They are not content to watch us, to read our emails, to listen to our phone calls, they want the same capability for every person on earth. These records aren’t kept so the government can keep tabs on a few crazy Islamists. No, they are kept so that the real threat to the elite, i.e., us, can be monitored, and if we get out of line we can be put back in line, ruined, or murdered very quickly. Whistle-blowers have said the program collects 100 billion emails per day, and 20 trillion communications altogether. It uses $40 million dollars’ worth of electricity per year and, 1.7 million gallons of water per day. If you are so unfortunate as to be on the government’s “enemies list,” well, you better watch out, because the information will be tabulated and passed on to state and local law enforcement so you can be watched, and, if necessary, targeted.

Now it’s going to get even better for these soulless minions. With the coming cashless society that we talked about last week, every financial transaction, no matter how small, will have to go through their banking system, so they have control of every penny earned and every penny spent. Anytime the vampires need to suck more of our blood, all they will have to do is tap our bank accounts and safe deposit boxes. That’s not even the worst of it. At their whim, your card could be canceled and with it, your existence in the human race. You will exist only because they allow it. “We, the people,” are sick of it all, but we should understand that it is human nature to want power, money, and status. All that is necessary to have those things is to get control over the government. That is why so much money is spent trying to get elected and trying to influence public policy.

Can anything be done? I don’t know if the Rule of Law can ever be reestablished. A good start would be to prosecute politicians of every party when they commit crimes, regardless of the positions they hold, and, likewise, those in the corporate world who commit crimes. That would, at least, start the process of re-establishing respect for the Rule of Law, because, right now, the elite do not have to follow our rules. The rules and the law do not apply to them. Such things are for little people, like us.

The elite use the left v. right controversy as just another war to subjugate and divide us. They don’t care who you vote for. It is anti-democracy at its finest. Rule by what Mr. Jefferson called “a tiny elite.” It’s the perfect society for them, and the perfect tyranny for us. They promise us paradise, but they deliver a global prison. The fact that they are people with sociopathic personalities is fairly evident. Such personalities tend to be attracted to such work. Listen to the dictionary definition of sociopath: Someone whose social behavior is extremely abnormal. Sociopaths are interested only in their personal needs and desires, without concern for the effects of their behavior on others. I will add an addendum, and say: they feel no empathy for others; they just don’t care about anyone but them- selves, yet they become very good at pretending they do.

Amidst all this turmoil and destruction, there is some good news. Yes, our culture and our civilization may be destroyed, our religious faith be under attack, our words may now be crimes and our government may be run by sociopaths, but there is good news. The World Bank tells us that global poverty has fallen below 10% for the first time ever. Less than 10% of the world’s population is living in what the World Bank calls poverty. That is defined as income of less than $1.90 per day. Twenty-five years ago, more than one-third lived on less. Poverty has been the normal condition of mankind. Many worked just to survive, and death from disease and violence were common. Free markets, free inquiry, and freedom – in other words, all part of Western Civilization and the changes it brought. We should be fighting to preserve those changes.

Finally folks, that’s it for this series. I hope you’ve been enlightened, and, if so, please consider passing some or all of the issues to your friends, or to those on your list. You might also consider subscribing by RSS feed. My advice is that you consider finding comfort in the pages of the Bible, as I do, especially the Psalms. My favorite is the 63rd.

At least that’s the way I see it. Until next time, this is Darrell Castle. Thanks for reading!

Trespassing Does Not Confer Property Rights

No trespassing

Oversimplification is often the best way to look at some issues.  If you walk on to someone else’s property without their permission, you are trespassing.  It’s a misdemeanor.  If you help yourself to their possessions, then you are not only a trespasser, you are a thief, and that is a felony.  If this is not true, then the concept and the sanctity of private property no longer exists.

If it’s true of an individual’s private property, it is also true of a national border.  If you cross it without permission, you have committed the crime of trespass, at the very least.  In and of itself, that’s hardly a major felony – to step over a border without malice aforethought should probably be a misdemeanor, certainly if no other crimes are committed.

But to cross that border with the intention of defying the law, and of taking what is not yours to take, can only be labeled as criminal activity.  If you drink the water of the ranch you are crossing, no one is going to be upset, because that’s even more elemental to survival, but if you cut the fences of that ranch in order to get to that water, if you purposely leave the water running, if you punch holes in the water containers and ruin them, then you are guilty of criminal destruction of property, and you ought to either make full restitution, or go to jail or prison.

It used to be that the majority of illegal aliens (we called them “wetbacks” in those days, and they still call themselves that today) came here to work.  Is working for your survival a crime?  In and of itself, it’s a contract between consenting adults, and again, can hardly be considered a major crime.  When you work for someone, under contract, where all parties are mutually agreeable, there is no theft, no taking what is not yours.

On the other hand, if you apply for welfare or any other government benefit, in a nation where you have arrived illegally, and where you have no rights as a lawful traveler, then you are a thief, by definition.  If you arrive illegally, then put your children in public schools, you are a thief.  If you take your children to the emergency room for treatment, with no intention of paying a single penny toward their treatment, you are a thief.

We normally think of illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America, when the subject comes up, but of course they come from many nations around the world.

The recent flood of children in the US on trains and in massive numbers was a planned invasion.  People in Central America were given money and told to get into the USA any way possible, that they would be received with open arms.  More than 125,000 minors have been apprehended since 2012, according to the Center for Immigration Studies.1 Another surge is under way now, in February 2016, although it’s not making the news like the first one did.

Private charities, most of them “faith-based”, were prepped in advance to be ready to receive this new flood of illegals.  Congress passed legislation back in 2013, which allowed $150,000,000 to be used by various groups to help with illegal immigration.

In addition, there is a large new flow of illegal Cuban migrants into Texas. That influx will start growing this week, when planeloads of hundreds of Cubans who traveled first to Costa Rica will be flown to El Salvador, bussed north to Mexico and then make their way to the U.S. border to seek permanent residency, as per an agreement brokered by diplomats in the region. So far, there are 8,000 Cubans who will arrive via this route.

We can expect that the Obama administration will choose to admit these illegal arrivals under its parole authority, even though there is no legal reason to do so.

For years, criminal smuggling organizations have been bringing in people from other countries to take advantage of the administration’s policy of releasing anyone who claims a fear of return home.

Migrants Are Motivated by Expectation that They Can Stay in the United States.

While some have characterized the surge of new illegal arrivals from Central America as a “refugee flow” or “humanitarian crisis”, in fact most of the migrants say that their primary reason for coming is because they expect that they will be allowed to stay.

According to information released by this committee based on interviews of recent illegal family arrivals that were conducted by border agents,6 nearly 70 percent of the migrants said that they heard that they would be released and/or receive an immigration benefit when they got here. In addition, nearly 60 percent add that U.S. immigration policies influenced their decision to come.2

Parallels in Europe

No sooner did we become used to, and perhaps resigned to the unceasing surge of illegal immigrants into the USA, than we saw a massive movement of refugees our of the Middle East into Europe.  The same story begins to unfold, as these people were told that if they could get themselves into Europe, they would be allowed to stay, on government welfare, with government-provided housing, clothing, food, and money.  Jobs were not even mention, which is just as well, since there are no jobs.  Coincidence?

This is not immigration, it is an invasion. 

The people making this trek did not just all wake up one day and decide that they would start a tidal wave of humanity.  They did not individually all come up with this idea on their own.  They were motivated by an Unseen Hand.  Call it what you will, it doesn’t matter.  It is no more spontaneous than a previous visitation from Ghengis Khan and his Mongolian army.

Angela Merkel was bragging a couple of years ago about how the coming wave of immigration (on top of those already there) was going to help solve the problem that white Europeans have had with a low birth rate, since that has translated into fewer workers to support the welfare state with an aging population paying less in taxes and working less.  These younger “workers” were going to be the salvation of Germany.  Unfortunately, the new workers did not come to work – they came to suck up all the government benefits they could get.

They have made little effort to learn the language, they have brought no marketable skills with them, and they appear to be allergic to the very concept of working for a living.  But they did bring one thing – a birthrate of 6.1 children per couple!  White Europeans have a birthrate of 1.6 children per couple.  Do the math.  In 20 years the while European community will be a minority in Europe, and that appears to be irreversible, this side of another bloody Crusade to expel them and return them whence they came.

If you think this “just happened”, then you are naïve in the extreme.  Europe is dying, before our very eyes.  It’s a change every bit as drastic as when the Berlin Wall came down, and the paradigm we all knew, suddenly, was no more.

Europe (and apparently, the USA as well), has become so impotent (in more ways than one) that there appears to be no will to resist this surge of criminal trespassers.  Are the German and French and British people so hypnotized and paralyzed by Political Correctness that they cannot find it within them to protect their own borders, their own cultures and their own languages? Perhaps they do not deserve to exist, if they have become so weak.

However, looks may be deceiving.  It may be that The People are not so weak, but only their political leaders, both the elected and the unelected bureaucracies which are stupidly engineering their own destruction.  It is insanity to think that the current crop of politicians can offer any solution at all – they are the ones who either created, or facilitated the problems in the first place!  They must be replaced, and quickly, if solutions can be initiated.

The first step in the solution is to secure the borders, close them down to undocumented refugees, setting up refugee camps to process and return the immigrants.  As expensive as that may be, it is a fraction of what these invaders are already costing.

Second, all forms of welfare to non-citizens must be brought to a screeching halt.  They should be offered passage home, as a humanitarian gesture, and if they cannot or will not go home, then it’s into the camps they must go.

There are a few, a very few, who may have become, or cold become contributing members of society, assimilating and producing goods or services that the communities need.  These people should be identified in the process, and given the necessary documentation to permit them to remain and be the blessing that immigrants often are to a society.  For example, if we need a thousand medical doctors, then we open the door just that wide for just that many permits for medical doctors.  If we need 5,000 machinists, then we accept qualified machinists, and even look to training some, where possible.

Where we find refugees who claim religious or political persecution, we must gather them into groups where they will be safe from retaliation.  Christians, for instance, must be housed separately from Muslims.  Kurds must be housed separately from Shiites, and Shiites from Sunnis, etc.  Violence in the camps must be dealt with strictly and swiftly.  We don’t want them to be a paradise, but we do want them to be neither unsafe nor unhealthy.

Don’t tell me that Source Countries will not cooperate with resettlement of their own people.  There is a simple way to motivate third-world the petty dictators to do what needs to be done, country by country.  We tell them that there will be no more foreign aid until they do.  Watch them fall all over themselves to cooperate.  Then we can charge the cost of the camps in those countries against their normal foreign aid income.  If they can’t administer them effectively, then perhaps the United Nations can be of service, and they can lose that money as well.

The point is that trespassing needs to end, if our nations and our cultures are to survive.  That is exactly what is intended by those who have arranged these “spontaneous waves of migration.”  They have worked for decades to destroy the West, and the West has cooperated by becoming so impotent and so weak-willed that our politicians are welcoming our own destruction.

Either these political gatekeepers need to be removed from office, peacefully, through elections, or they will be caught up in the tsunami of destruction that is so obviously coming to Europe first, and then to the USA.

Those who vote in 2016 to reelect the politicians who have brought us to this crisis will be guilty of perpetuating the problems, and for the chaos that is going to ensue.