27 Reasons the Republican Party Needs to Die

There are 48 Republicans in the U.S. Senate.  They had the opportunity this week to stop a national train wreck, but instead, two of them abstained, and 25 of them voted to impose Marxism upon the American people in the form of Obamacare.  To their credit, 19 Republican senators voted “NO”.  That is to say that 41% of the Republicans voted for the Constitution.

Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader, gave us a glimpse of how he thinks when he said, “When you fund it, you own it.”  Translated, that means, “We’re fine with Socialism, we just want to be the party that controls it.”

Of all the lessons that we can learn from this disgraceful display of subservience to what they perceive as “popular opinion” – something cooked up for them by the mainstream media (using swamp gas from the Potomac) – it is that 27 Republican senators are more concerned with exercising power than they are with upholding their oaths of allegiance to the Constitution of the United States.

Obamacare would now be defunded, if only two more of those senators had voted “NO”.  Instead, the bill goes back to the House of Representatives, where they are supposed to reconcile the differences.  They won’t, and the bill will die, and with it the chance to defund Obamacare.

Senator Ted Cruz filibustered for more than 21 hours so that more than anything else his fellow Republicans in the Senate would listen to the American people and use every tool at their disposal to stop and defund Obamacare.   We are now seeing the Group of Prostitutes (GOP) who have turned on Ted Cruz.  “He doesn’t play well with others.”  Well, imagine that!  Maybe that’s why so many Texans are proud of Ted Cruz, and want to replace John Cornyn.

The list of now infamous Republicans, nearly all of whom the conservative base should never again trust on any issue, are;

Not Voting At All:

Jeff Flake-Arizona

Orrin Hatch-Utah

Voting For Cloture and thus the funding of Obamacare:

  • Lamar Alexander – Tennessee
  • Kelly Ayotte – New Hampshire
  • John Barrasso – Wyoming
  • Roy Blunt – Missouri
  • John Boozman – Arkansas
  • Richard Burr – North Carolina
  • Saxby Chambliss – Georgia
  • Jeffrey Chiesa – New Jersey
  • Dan Coats – Indiana
  • Tom Coburn – Oklahoma
  • Thad Cochran – Mississippi
  • Susan Collins – Maine
  • Bob Corker – Tennessee



  • John Cornyn – Texas
  • Lindsey Graham-South Carolina
  • John Hoeven – North Dakota
  • Johnny Isakson – Georgia
  • Mike Johanns – Nebraska
  • Ron Johnson – Wisconsin
  • Mark Kirk – Illinois
  • John McCain – Arizona
  • Mitch McConnell – Kentucky
  • Lisa Murkowski – Alaska
  • John Thune – South Dakota
  • Roger Wicker – Mississippi

This is a list of Senate seats up for re-election in 2014 need to be filled with someone else, at almost any cost.   This is the whirlwind we have reaped by continually being scared into voting for the “lesser of two weevils”.

Click here to view Senator Ted Cruz on Senate floor before cloture vote on CR with Obamacare defunding


Why Join Now?

Indeed, why should anyone join a political party with little influence in the state or the nation?  Why should I “throw away” my vote, much less my time and money?

The answers are different for many people, but there are several that have been given by those who have already joined.

  1. “Because I have confidence in the candidates of this party, that they reflect my views most accurately.”
  2. “Because I want to protest against the two major (socialist) parties.  One is openly socialist, the other is deceptively so, by their overall voting record.  I’m done with them.”
  3. “The fellowship of like-minded Constitutionalists is great.”
  4. “Because ‘Principles over Politics’ is never a wasted vote.  Why would I want to waste my vote on a socialist, honest or otherwise?”
  5. “Because educating my family and friends about the Constitution is easier within the framework of this party.”
  6. “Because, until something better comes along, it’s the only party I can vote for without having to hold my nose.”
  7. Etc.

In spite of our small paid membership, thousands of voters have honored us with their votes in every election since 1992.  In fact, the Constitution Party has been certified to be the largest of the third parties by independent observers for years.  (Obviously, this is not true in all states.)

Now, consider this — the Tea Party Movement, which caught like wwildfire, did precisely what our Founder, Howard Phillips, intended to do — it caught the voter discontent, which Phillips knew was coming.&nnbsp; Ironically, the CP has been unable to sell itself as the party designed for the Tea Party movement.  (This may have had something to do with the unfortunate choice of a name when we were started — “the Taxpaayers Party”.  It was quite logical, once you explained to each voter, but it had an immediate negative connotation to most voters.  We changed that, but the damage was done.)

Today, more than a decade later, the Constitution Party continues to be frequently mentioned in articles and columns, on Facebook, and in almost every discussion as a viable alternative to a pseudo-conservative party which exists only to win at any cost, one which abandons principles at every opportunity.  People like the name, they like the platform.  The only problem is that the perception that they will be throwing away their vote.

Let’s deal with that, and then let me invite you to consider a logical course of action.  If voting for the best candidate is a wasted vote, then the entire process is one of voting for the least-worst candidate whom you think has a chance to win.  It means giving your precious voice of approval to a long list of socialists and populists who don’t have a clue about the very document they will take an oath to defend and support, should they be elected.  Folks, this is the mental process that has brought this country down over the past 100 years!

When you only have a choice between a boll weevil and a bean weevil, let me clue you in here — you are going to get a weevil in office, no matter who wins!  Voting for “the lesser of two weevils” is killing America!

In fact, I fear that the verb in that last sentence is probably wrong- it should be past tense, instead of present tense — America has alreeady been killed. Certainly, the Founding Fathers would not recognize this country, which was designed as a federated REPUBLIC, absolutely not a Democracy. Democracy correctly scared the daylights out of most of the Founders.

The States were each a sovereign nation, as weak as they were, so they decided to not establish a larger “national government”, but instead an association of States (that’s why it was called “the united States”) that would allow (a) The People, and (b) the States to draw up all laws, and (c) the “federal government” to implement or enforce those laws in servitude to both The People and The States.

Woodrow Wilson, who may arguably have been our first Marxist president, effectively destroyed this Republic — what was left of it after proogressives like Abe Lincoln, Andrew Johnson and Theodore Roosevelt had done their damage to the Constitutional structure.  Worse than all the other planks of the Communist Platform that he implemented, the 17th Amendment simply eliminated the States as partners in the federated republic, and reduced them to provinces in a national government.  What followed was a “century of treason” begun exactly 100 years ago this year.

It may well be too late to save this country.  We may have to content ourselves with looking to salvage what we can from the coming economic collapse.  Unfortunately, no one can predict how things will go, but few of the scenarios are optimistic.  Besides, no Constitutionalist would want to save the Police State we have now — we want to return to a sovereign, federated constitutional republic where the government serves the People, and not the other way around.

Well, it won’t happen if we don’t try.  And we need your help to start moving in that direction.  Sure, we can put your money to good use, but more importantly, we need you to show up at county meetings (start one in your county, if there isn’t one), to run, or find someone to run for office at any level.1   We need you to show up and start promoting The Constitution instead of Socialist Party B.  (And when they give you a good constitutional candidate, we not only expect you to vote for him/her, but we’ll be doing the same thing.  Our loyalty is not to any party, but to the Constitution!

Meantime, actively working to hoist a flag to which all constitutionalists can rally may just be the most valuable thing you can do to salvage and restore the Republic.  We know one thing — we can’t do this allone — we need your help.

Please consider joining, supporting, and organizing the Constitution Party.

— Daniel New



1 Until we have ballot access, you will probably choose to run as an Independent.  If you use that campaign to build up a bloc of constitutional voters, it will be time well spent.