What Many Churches And The SPLC Have In Common

Those of us who believe in constitutional government, the Bill of Rights, personal liberty, and State autonomy are beginning to taste what German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer and pastor Martin Niemoller experienced back in 1930’s Germany. These two great lovers of God and freedom were ostracized and eventually persecuted by both Germany’s political and social societies and by “German Christians.” History does have a way of repeating itself, doesn’t it?

Anyone who does not recognize that America is rapidly being transformed into a fascist state is as dumb as Balaam’s ass. No, dumber! At least the ass had the sense to stop when it realized it was heading smack into God’s wrath.

For all intents and purposes, the US Constitution is dead; the Bill of Rights is dead; the vision of the Founding Fathers is dead; and federalism and republicanism are also dead. What we have left is a blend of socialism, welfarism, fascism, statism, and warfarism, with fascism becoming the dominant “ism” of the bunch.

If you want to know where America is quickly heading, go watch the movie “The Hunger Games,” currently playing in theaters everywhere. Or read Orwell’s “1984,” or Huxley’s “Brave New World.” Or better yet, take your eyes off ESPN just long enough to take a good look outside. America, as “the land of the free,” is disappearing. It is already unrecognizable from the country I grew up in, not to mention the country that our Founding Fathers fought and died to create. What happened in fascist Germany is happening right now in America. And one of the telltale marks of this emerging fascist society is the way people who believe in constitutional government, liberty, and individualism are being treated by the mainstream media, mainstream religion, and mainstream politics.

For years, the mainstream media has characterized constitutionalists, patriots, and traditionalists as “far-right,” “extremist,” “radical,” etc. Establishment politicians in both major parties have likewise branded anyone who would not subscribe to their big-government agenda. Groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) have regurgitated the same inflammatory rhetoric, throwing “racist” and “anti-government” into the mix. And since 9/11/01, the Naziesque Department of Homeland Security has picked up the hype and fomented fear and suspicion of anyone so identified in the hearts of law enforcement personnel nationwide. Now, just like in Nazi Germany, even churches and professing Christians are getting into the act.

For the sake of their precious 501c3 non-profit corporation status, many churches are becoming little more than government disinformation centers. Instead of energizing men and women with the message of Christian liberty (of which the Gospel is at the center), churches are busily sedating them. The Caesars’ “bread and circus” scheme had nothing over the “music, smoke, and entertainment” scheme of the modern American church. Instead of giving young people the scriptural tools necessary to be the champions of liberty, they are providing the opiate by which they will sheepishly take the Mark of the Beast. And woe be unto any Christian who decides to step outside these politically correct religious boxes!

In his blockbuster book, “Hitler’s Cross,” Erwin Lutzer wrote, “The crisis of which he [Bonhoeffer] spoke was only partly a conflict between Hitler and Christianity. It was primarily a struggle of the church against itself; it was the struggle of the false and true, the swastika and the Cross. It was a struggle within a church that had voluntarily embraced the German nationalism of the day.”

Lutzer continued saying, “The ‘German Christians’…were committed to bringing the church in line with Nazism.” Again he wrote, “The ‘German Christians’ [were] also known as ‘The Faith Movement.’” And again, “These Christians adorned their altars with Nazi flags and had their congregations join in the Nazi salute.”

Lutzer points out that the “German Christians” commonly sewed the Cross in the middle of the Nazi flag and enthusiastically embraced what they called Hitler’s “positive Christianity.” Lutzer rightly notes that Hitler successfully “Nazified” Germany’s churches, and that had he not done so, the history of Germany (and the world) would have been drastically different.

It was men such as Bonhoeffer and Niemoller who resisted Hitler’s “Nazification” and started what became known as “The Confessing Church.” These churches were comprised of pastors and Christians who would not subordinate the scriptures to the dominion and will of the state. They refused to sacrifice the Gospel message of Christian liberty to Hitler’s erroneous “Obey-the-government-no-matter-what” interpretation of Romans chapter 13. They refused to allow their churches to be bought off or bribed by government tax deductions and benefits.

How many churches were in “The Confessing Church”? Out of 14,000 evangelical churches in Germany at the time, approximately 800 stayed true to scripture. That’s right. About 5% of Germany’s churches and pastors refused to surrender to the fascist state emerging around them. And you know that those 800 churches paid a terrible price for their resolve. They were scorned and snubbed by their “Christian” brothers and sisters. They were called “extremist,” “radical,” and “anti-government.” Friends and coworkers ostracized them. The German national press corps marginalized them. They were blackballed, ridiculed, and shunned. And eventually, they were imprisoned, tortured, and even murdered.

And ladies and gentlemen, right now in these United States, Christians who are part of the modern “Confessing Church” are experiencing the same kind of mischaracterization, ridicule, and resentment by the mainstream media, the SPLC, and even fellow Christians. Yes, in America today, the SPLC and many churches have the denouncing and hatred of the uncompromising “Confessing Church” in common.

To those of us in the modern “Confessing Church,” I ask, “If thou hast run with the footmen, and they have wearied thee, then how canst thou contend with horses?” (Jeremiah 12:5) In other words, if we cannot withstand a little ridicule, if we are unwilling to be ostracized, if we cannot take the mischaracterizations that we are experiencing now, what will we do when it gets serious? If the footmen tire you, what will the horsemen do? I say to you, “Quit you like men; be strong.” (I Corinthians 16:13) “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.” (Galatians 5:1)

And to those of you who think you can sit on the fence of popularity and acceptance and yet remain true to Christ and to the principles of liberty, which He established, you are sadly mistaken. If you think you can be neutral in this fight, you are deluded. If you think that when America has been thoroughly immersed in this baptism of fascism that you and your family will escape unscathed, you are dreaming. What we in the modern “Confessing Church” are experiencing, you will soon experience. Either that, or you will sell your soul and the souls of your children to Satan and his kingdom.

Someone rightly said, “It is dangerous to be right when your government is wrong.” Bonhoeffer and Niemoller discovered the truth of that statement; and so are many of us today. But as Sean Connery’s character said at the end of “The Wind And The Lion,” “Is there not one thing in your life that is worth losing everything for?” Ask yourself, are comfort, acceptance, money, and position, etc., worth losing your liberty for? No, they are not; but liberty IS worth losing everything for! At least Bonhoeffer and Niemoller thought so. So did America’s founders. And so do I!

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Is School Like Jail?

The people in my community love their public schools. So too it is in most of the country. If only they knew the costs, and I don’t mean just the financial costs, which are two and three times those of private schools. I also mean the opportunity costs: If only people knew what they were missing!

Imagine education wholly managed by the market economy. The variety! The choice! The innovation! All the features we’ve come to expect in so many areas of life — groceries, software, clothing, music — would also pertain to education. But as it is, the market for education is hobbled, truncated, frozen and regimented, and tragically, we’ve all gotten used to it.

The longer people live with educational socialism, the more they adapt to its inefficiencies, deprivations and even indignities. So it is with American public schools. Many people love them, but it’s like the “Stockholm Syndrome”: We’ve come to have a special appreciation for our captors and masters because we see no way out.

There is a way out. But first we have to see the problem for what it is. I know of no better means than exploring an absolutely prophetic book first published in 1974, edited by William Rickenbacker. It is called The Twelve-Year Sentence. Laissez Faire Books is offering this book, a key that unlocks the prison door, right now for $10.

This is not only one of the great titles in the history of publishing; it is a rare book that dared to say what no one wanted to hear. True, the essays are all scholarly and precise (the book came out of an academic conference), but a fire for liberty burns hot below the footnoted surface. Especially notable: This book came out long before the home-schooling movement, long before a remnant of the population began to see what was happening and started bailing out.

The core truth that this book tells: The government has centrally planned your child’s life and has forced both you and your child into the system. But, say the writers, the system is a racket and a cheat. It doesn’t prepare them for a life of liberty and productivity. It prepares them to be debt slaves, dependents, bureaucrats and wartime fodder.

I’m thinking of this book as I look at millions of unemployed young people in the US and Europe. This is what the system has produced. This is the mob that once gathered in “homeroom,” assembled for school lunches, sat for endless hours in their assigned desks and was tested ten thousand times to make sure they had properly absorbed what the government wanted them to know. Now they are out and they want their lives to amount to something, but they don’t know what.

And it’s just the beginning. There are tens of millions of victims of this system. They were quiet so long as the jobs were there and the economy was growing. But when the fortunes fell, many became members of marauding mobs seeking a father figure to lead them into the light.

Think of the phrase “twelve-year sentence.” They government took them in at the age of 6. It sat them down in desks, 30 or so per room. It paid teachers to lecture them and otherwise keep them busy while their parents worked to cough up 40% of their paychecks to the government to fund the system (among other things) that raises their kids.

So on it goes for 12 years, until the age of 18, when the government decides that it is time for them to move on to college, where they sit for another four years, also at mom and dad’s expense.

What have they learned? They have learned how to sit at a desk and zone out for hours and hours, five days per week. They might have learned how to repeat back things said by their warden — I mean teacher. They’ve learned how to sneak around the system a bit and have something resembling a life on the sly.

They have learned to live for the weekend and say “TGIF!” Perhaps they have taken a few other skills with them: sports, music, theater or whatever. But they have no idea how to turn their limited knowledge or abilities into something remunerative in a market system that depends most fundamentally on individual initiative, alertness, choice and exchange.

They are deeply ignorant about the stuff that makes the world work and builds civilization, by which I mostly mean commerce. They’ve never worked a day in the private sector. They’ve never taken an order, never faced the bracing truth of the balance sheet, never taken a risk, never even managed money. They’ve only been consumers, not producers, and their consumption has been funded by others, either by force (taxes) or by leveraged parents on a guilt trip.

So it stands to reason: They have no sympathy for or understanding of what life is like for the producers of this world. Down with the productive classes! Or as they said in the early years of the Bolshevik Revolution: “Expropriate the expropriators” Or under Stalin: “Kill the Kulaks.” Or under Mao: “Eradicate the Four Olds” (old customs, culture, habits, and ideas). So too did the Nazi youth rage against the merchant classes who were said to lack “blood and honor.”

The amazing thing is not that this state system produces mindless drones. The miracle is that some make it out and have normal lives. They educate themselves. They get jobs. They become responsible. Some go on to do great things. There are ways to overcome the twelve-year sentence, but the existence of the educational penitentiary still remains a lost opportunity, coercively imposed.

Americans are taught to love the sentence because it is “free.” Imagine attaching this word to the public school system! It is anything but free. It is compulsory at its very core. If you try to escape, you are “truant.” If you refuse to cough up to support it, you are guilty of evasion. If you put your kids in private school, you pay twice. If you school at home, the social workers watch every move you make.

There is no end to the reform. But no one talks about abolition. Still, can you imagine that in the 18th and most of 19th centuries, as this book points out, this system didn’t even exist? Americans were the most-educated people in the world, approaching near- universal literacy, and without a government-run central plan, without a twelve-year sentence. Compulsory education was unthinkable. That came only much later, brought to us by the same crowd who gave us World War I, the Fed and the income tax.

Escaping is very hard, but even high-security prisons are not impenetrable. So millions have left. Tens of millions more remain. This whole generation of young people are victims of the system. That makes them no less dangerous precisely because they don’t even know it. It’s called the Stockholm Syndrome: Many of these kids fell in love with their captors and jailers. They want them to have even more power.

We should celebrate the prophets who saw all this coming. William Rickenbacker saw it. He and the writers in this book knew what was going on. They knew what to call it. They dared to tell the truth, to speak the unspeakable: This system is more like prison than education, and it will end when its escapees are loosed on the streets to protest against anything and everything.

Even after nearly 40 years, this book has lost none of its power. It should take its place among the great documents in history that have dared to demand that the jailer step aside and let the inmates free.


Jeffrey Tucker

Executive editor, Laissez Faire Books, for The Daily Reckoning

The Health of a Republic

The term republic had a significant meaning for all early Americans. The form of government secured by the Declaration of Independence, the American Revolution, and the Constitution was unique, requiring strict limitation of government power. Powers that were permitted would be precisely defined and delegated by the people, with all public officials being bound by their oath of office to uphold the Constitution.

The Constitution made it clear that the government was not to interfere with productive nonviolent human energy. This is the key element that has permitted America’s great achievements and made America the political and economic envy of the world. We have truly been blessed.

Today, however, the nature of a republic and the current status of our own form of government are of little concern to most Americans. But there is a small minority, ignored by politicians, academics, and the media, who do spend time thinking about the importance of the proper role of government. The comparison of today’s government with the one established by our Constitution is a matter worthy of deep discussion for those who concern themselves with the future and look beyond the coming election. Understanding the principles that were used to establish our nation is crucial to its preservation and something we cannot neglect.

In our early history it was understood that a free society embraced both personal civil liberties and economic freedom. During the 20th century, this unified concept of freedom was undermined. Today we have one group talking about economic freedom, while interfering with our personal liberty, and the other group condemning economic liberty, while preaching the need to protect civil liberties. Both groups reject liberty fifty percent of the time. Sadly, there are very few in this country who, today understand and defend liberty in both areas.

Many Americans wonder why Congress pays little attention to the Constitution and are bewildered as to how so much inappropriate legislation gets passed. But the Constitution is not entirely ignored. It is used correctly at times when it’s convenient and satisfies a particular goal, but never consistently across the board on all legislation. The Constitution is all too frequently made to say exactly what the authors of special legislation want it to say. That’s the modern way: language can be made relative to our times. But without a precise understanding and respect for the supreme law of the land, the Constitution no longer serves as the guide for the rule of law. In its place come the rule of man and special interests.

That’s how we have arrived in the 21st century without a clear understanding or belief in the cardinal principles of the Constitution—the separation of powers and the tenets of federalism. Instead, we are rushing toward centralized control. Executive Orders, agency regulations, federal court rulings, and un-ratified international agreements direct our government, economy, and foreign policy.

Congress has truly been reduced in status and importance over the past hundred years. And when the people’s voices are heard, it’s done indirectly through polling, allowing our leaders to decide how far they can go without stirring up their constituents. This is opposite to what the Constitution was supposed to do: protect the rights of the minority from the abuses of the majority. The majority vote of the powerful and the influential was never meant to rule the people.

In a free society individuals should control their own lives, receiving the benefits and suffering the consequences of their actions. Once the individual becomes a pawn of the state, whether a monarch or a majority that’s in charge, a free society can no longer endure. We are dangerously close to that happening in America, even in the midst of plenty and with the appearance of contentment. If individual freedom is carelessly snuffed out, the creative energy needed for productive pursuits will dissipate. Government produces nothing, and in its effort to redistribute wealth, can only destroy it.

Freedom too often is rejected when there is a belief that government largesse will last forever. This is true because it is tough to accept personal responsibility, practice the work ethic, and follow the rules of peaceful coexistence with our fellow man. The temptation is great to accept the notion that everyone can be a beneficiary of the caring state and a winner of the lottery or a class action lawsuit. But history has proven there is never a shortage of authoritarians—benevolent, of course—quite willing to tell others how to live for their own good.

Some of my good friends suggest that it is a waste of time and effort to try to change the direction in which we are going. No one will listen, they argue, and the development of a strong centralized authoritarian government is too far along to reverse the trends of the last century. Why waste time in Congress when so few people care about liberty? The masses, they point out, are interested only in being taken care of, and the elites want to keep receiving the benefits allotted to them through special-interest legislation.

I am not naïve enough to believe the effort to preserve liberty is a cakewalk. But ideas, based on sound and moral principles, do have consequences. Our Founders clearly understood this, knowing they would be successful, even against overwhelming odds. They described this steady confidence, which they shared with each other when hopes were dim, as “divine providence.” We face tough odds, but to avoid battle or believe there is a place to escape to someplace else in the world would concede victory to those who endorse authoritarian government. The grand experiment in human liberty must not be abandoned. A renewed hope and understanding of liberty are what we need today.

2012 State Convention

State Convention
of the
Constitution Party of Texas
Alpha Omega Academy
3891 State Highway 30 W

Huntsville, Texas

9 June 2012 – Saturday


The Founding Fathers built in all kinds of checks and balances into the very limited civil government they gave us, and yet the forces of centralization and Big Government have managed to neutralize many of them. Socialism is rampant and in the ascendancy, thanks to the voting records of Democrats and Republicans alike over the past hundred years. The ability of a State legislature to nullify the actions of the federal government was one of those checks and balances, which has been successfully used in our history. It’s been rediscovered and a number of states are now in process of reminding the feds that they are there to work for us, and not the other way around. America’s survival as a nation may well depend upon our ability to nullify and check the run-away federal government through this process of nullification.

America may well be facing an economic collapse, and that means the entire world may be facing a serious depression. In fact, if we get off that light, we may well be thankful. No other nation has spent itself into bankruptcy and then recovered. Have you done what you can do to protect your assets and to see that your family will survive in a worst-case scenario? If not, you need to attend this conference.

[]Rusty Lee Thomas – Bio

You can expect the usual sterling list of speakers, this year starting with Rusty Lee Thomas, of Elijah Ministries in Waco, Texas. Rusty has been fearless and aggressive in saving the lives of many unborn children and in nullifying the murderous activities of abortuaries all over the country, and particularly in Waco. You won’t be sleeping through his presentation!

If you haven’t heard Richard Ohendalski speak, then you have missed a real treat, but now you get another chance. Several speakers are pending, and will be announced as soon as they are confirmed. All of them are good, and we’re hoping we can get them all.

The cost for a single adult is $25, a couple for $40. (Additional family members over 11 years old are $15 each.)

Lunch is $12 per plate, with children under seven eating free. No dessert is included in the price, but those who attend are invited to bring a dessert to donate to the silent auction, and we’ll auction those off prior to lunch, so you may share what you buy with family and friends!

We also have several tables available for vendors at $45.00.

If you are interested advertisement of your business or cause in our program for $25 contact our State Secretary

There are many motels and hotels in the area. We’re working on a special price from a couple of them, but prices in Huntsville are more modest than the big cities.

Eventbrite - 2012 Constitutional Party of Texas Convention

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Elected And Appointed Officials Continue To Check Their Manhood At The Door

Americans paying attention in this country to the constitutional crisis caused by the cowardice of the Outlaw Congress in certifying the electoral college delegate vote on Jan. 9, 2009, are aware of the outcome of ballot challenges in New Hampshire and Georgia to keep usurper, Obama/Soetoro/Dunham (known aliases) off the ballot this November.

Several state legislators stood with citizens who actually care about the U.S. Constitution:

CONCORD, N.H. — “President Obama is on the Democratic ballot for New Hampshire’s primary on Tuesday, despite the efforts of some Republican state legislators who argue the president doesn’t qualify as a “natural-born citizen.”

“I don’t know where he was born, and I really don’t care,” said state Rep. Larry Rappaport of Colebrook, N.H., “but I think fraud is being perpetrated on the citizens of New Hampshire.”

“Mr. Rappaport and several GOP colleagues have been trying to get the New Hampshire secretary of state to remove Mr. Obama from the ballot. Their argument isn’t focused on the old question of the president’s birthplace, but on a clause in the U.S. Constitution that requires a candidate to be a “natural-born citizen.”

“The Republican legislators and their supporters say Mr. Obama doesn’t meet the definition of “natural-born citizen” because his father was Kenyan. They are relying on an 1875 Supreme Court decision that said a natural-born citizen is someone whose parents are both U.S. citizens at the time of his or her birth.

“After the legislators’ complaint was rejected by the New Hampshire’s Ballot Law Commission, Mr. Rappaport and his colleagues filed an affidavit last week with the state attorney general to argue that the state isn’t applying election law consistently. But the attorney general’s office said it doesn’t intend to take any action.

“State Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley attended a press conference held by the Republican legislators last week and described himself as perplexed.

“Since I didn’t have my tin-foil hat with me, I really didn’t understand what they were talking about,” Mr. Buckley said. “The shocking thing isn’t that there are people out there who fervently believe such nonsense, but that these people are elected officials.”

The comments from Buckley are not surprising when you consider the Democratic Party is both completely morally and ethically bankrupt. Were this a Republican president, I can assure you Buckley would be wearing a ‘tin-foil’ hat a foot high on his empty head.

Three sets of plaintiffs were given a hearing in the State of Georgia to challenge the ineligibility of Manchurian Candidate and hard core Marxist, Obama/Soetoro/Dunham. What happened there was the defining moment in all the ballot challenges to date. Two sets of absolutely competent attorneys represented citizens. One set of plaintiffs were represented by Mark Hatfield, who also serves in the Georgia State Legislature. David Welden was represented by Van Irion of the Liberty Legal Foundation.

The only real legal issue is the putative president’s father’s citizenship status at the time of his birth. Not the forged birth certificate Barry Soetoro (last known legal name) presented to the world on April 27, 2011, and not the forged Selective Service Registration Card. Nor is Soetoro’s use of someone else’s social security number the issue for ballot qualification. Only that Barry is forever ineligible because his father was a Kenyan national visiting the U.S., who never applied for citizenship and was a subject of the British Commonwealth at the time Soetoro was born. That means the fraud in the White House was born with dual citizenship under the British Nationality Act of 1948 and was never eligible to be on the ballot in 2008. He still isn’t for 2012.

The scum who run the Democratic Party, their faithful dogs in the U.S. Congress and media all continue to ignore the one and only legal issue. The same applies to Glen Beck seen in this recent video ridiculing millions of Americans who do believe the Constitution counts. Of course, let’s not forget fact challenged gas bags, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. Well, both of them take home paychecks you and I can only dream about, but unlike them, we are not for sale. They will continue to pimp for their paychecks and we will continue our fight for the truth and what is right, not to keep some political party “in power”.

Like the New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission, Georgia’s Administrative Law Judge, Michael Malih,i checked his manhood at the door and ruled Barry Soetoro eligible. After he tucked his privates between his legs, Republican Georgia Secretary of State, Brian Kemp, also showed the entire country that he is nothing but a gutless coward. Oh, Kemp blew big words at Soetoro’s attorney when Jablonski wrote Kemp a sniveling letter complaining Malihi was proceeding with the hearing:

“Anything you and your client place in the record in response to the challenge will be beneficial to my review of the initial decision; however, if you and your client choose to suspend your participation in the OSAH proceedings, please understand that you do so at your own peril.”

However, in the end, Kemp simply could not find the guts as a man and public servant to uphold his oath of office and bring to a halt the fraud that has been perpetrated upon we the people going on four years. As a matter of fact, it would appear the judiciary in Georgia and their hired help have shamed the good people of the State of Georgia:

Attorney Van Irion – What We Reap When Honor Fails

“These are just the incidents associated with our Georgia case and we are not discussing the substance of the breathtakingly absurd rulings from any of these courts. Without needing to discuss judicial rulings, the incidents cited here demonstrate the harassment, bias, and lack of honor in the administrative operation of our courts. This bias effectively prevents those on one side of an issue to have basic access to the courts. In other words, the courts are now barring specific viewpoints from entering the front doors of the court. When we do get through we are harassed by means of the timing of orders and one-sided enforcement of procedural requirements.

“Georgia is an example of what is happening across our country. Laws are being blatantly ignored by those in high office, while other laws are being used to punish their political opponents. This type of corruption reflects the practices historically found in third world nations, dictatorships, and communist tyrannies. Freedom cannot survive where such practices go unpunished.

“Yet it is practically impossible to punish individuals holding high office. This is why such individuals must have honor, allowing them to resist their own selfish temptations. Unfortunately America’s high offices are now populated by corrupt people with no moral compass. Our leaders have no honor. Our Founding Fathers are being proven correct, once again.

“Our opponents are trying to frustrate and exhaust us to the point that we will give up. They don’t want their bias and dishonor to be seen in the light of day.  The corrupt individuals in high office are harassing us for our efforts. This tells us that we are having an effect. Even when we don’t win a legal battle, our efforts shine the light of truth on their corruption. That corruption is responding by lashing out at us.”

I encourage you to take the time to read Irion’s litany of in-your-face corruption in the Georgia “judiciary”. I also hope that by the time Kemp is up for election (he was appointed in 2010), patriots in that state will make his cowardice an issue.

Why are they cowards? Very simple: Obama/Soetoro is half Caucasian and half Negro (black is not a race and neither is African). Black and white are colors, not races. There are ethnic groups under race categories, but there is nothing wrong with the word Negro anymore than there is anything wrong with the words Asian or Caucasian when referring to race. They are simply words to define the different races God put on this earth. It has been made a ‘dirty’ word by Democrats and the media.

Obama/Soetoro is bi-racial and that is why every judge, every member of Congress who stood down on January 9, 2009 and elected officials like Secretaries of State have shown themselves to be nothing but cowards, male or female.

Regardless of your political party affiliation, whether you voted for Obama or McCain or someone else, if you care one bit about this republic and the U.S. Constitution, you should be outraged. Forget the paid prostitutes in the “mainstream” media on the big networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) as well as their paid to lie buddies on CNN & MSNBC and FAUX “news” network. When the American people completely lose any and all faith in the court system, anarchy will surely follow and no rational person should want that.

Attorney Irion has filed an Emergency Injunction Filed with Georgia Supreme Court:

“Georgia held its Presidential Primary election Tuesday. Obama’s name was on the ballot. But they haven’t won this battle yet. Today Liberty Legal Foundation filed an appeal with the Georgia Supreme Court challenging the absurd ruling that dismissed our case from the Georgia Superior Court. (In Georgia the Superior Court is a mid-level court. The Supreme Court is the highest Court in Georgia.)

“We also filed an emergency motion for preliminary injunction with the Georgia Supreme Court. Since it’s too late to have Obama’s name removed from the primary ballots, we’re asking the Supreme Court to prohibit the Secretary of State from certifying the results of the Democratic Presidential Primary election. Typically it takes about a week for the Secretary of State to certify an election. The results of an election are not official until he certifies. So, if the Supreme Court grants our motion the results of Obama’s Georgia primary election will be on hold pending the outcome of our lawsuit.”

Van Irion has now filed an Application for Review to the Georgia Supreme Court; his client, David Welden, was kind enough to send me a copy. The Georgia Superior Court’s cowardly decision is riddled with reversible error even to a lay person like me. Irion did a superb job in putting it all down in order in the Application for Review. Will those justices have the courage to stand up for the law, their oath and do what is morally and legally right? Quite frankly, I would be shocked if they did because all we have seen to date are men who check their manhood at the door and the females hiding behind their skirts or robes. Georgia’s Supreme Court has six males and one female. Presiding Justice George H. Carley is leaving the bench in July of  2012.

I’ve received a hundred giddy emails about a bill introduced in the Outlaw Congress to impeach Obama/Soetoro/Dunham. Americans are so desperate, as one female said in an email to me yesterday, she doesn’t care you cannot impeach that Marxist squatting in the White house living the high life with his militant wife from the sweat of our labor, we have to get rid of him! I ask that woman: Are you listening to yourself?

The gutless males and females in the U.S. Congress created this monstrous mess on Jan. 9, 2009, when not one of them stood up, invoked house rules and stopped the electoral college vote. Now, because the American people are at the boiling point over everything the usurper has done and is doing, the intention is to take the focus off their cowardice, legitimize Barry’s presidency and grand stand with a bill to impeach. Think I will vote for my incumbent who sat like a coward? When pig’s fly.

I urge you not to support it. Why? Because if Obama/Soetoro’s “presidency” is recognized by an impeachment, every bill he unlawfully signed into “law” would remain on the books. It would set a horrible legal precendent in that any thug with enough money – no matter his citizenship – can steal the presidency. Very dangerous.

Soetoro can still be prosecuted for his crimes: wire fraud (which carries decades in a federal prison), documents fraud and on and on and on. I have given you the constitutional analysis from the best legal minds on the issue of Soetoro’s ineligibility in these columns:

The conundrum of removing Obama/Soetoro from office

Follow up on Quo Warranto as it relates to removing Obama/Soetoro

Obama could be removed by his own signature

Why Obama cannot be impeached

A proper Quo Warranto was filed a few months ago and is sitting while the judges decide whether or not to check their manhood at the door:

Quo Warranto filed by presidential candidate

The other day I received an update from Montgomery Blair Sibley who filed the Quo Warranto:

“When, by February 13 — 40 days after filing the suit — the District Court Judge had not ruled on any part of the suit, I filed a petition for mandamus with the Circuit Court of Appeals. Yesterday, they ruled that “The district court’s delay in ruling on the petition for writ of quo warranto is not so egregious or unreasonable as to warrant the extraordinary remedy of mandamus.”  Yeah right! So I have filed a petition for rehearing — which is attached — which asked the full court of appeals to consider whether allowing Barack to continue as President is indeed a question deserving immediate judicial attention.  I will give them 40 days and then be on to the Supreme Court.”

You see? The District Court Judge hasn’t ruled because he’s scared to dearth to uphold his oath of office and the U.S. Constitution. Another coward hiding behind his robes. The Circuit Court of Appeals is no better. Montgomery has filed En Blanc for a re-hearing, but I wouldn’t bet money on it. They know full well the consequences of standing up for the U.S. Constitution; the cowardly way will be easier. I hope when they all look in them mirror every morning they see the color yellow.

Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch is on the hunt for one real judge with the courage to stop this putrid injustice against we the people and everything this nation used to stand for and so much blood was spilled to birth it. Larry is part of an effort to get as many ballot challenges in as many courts as possible in every state.

In closing, I will say SHAME, SHAME on the gutless cowards in our state legislatures who have refused to pass bills requiring any individual, regardless of political party registration, be made to prove he is eligible to run for the office of president. Here in Texas, we were shamed by a turn coat Republican who made sure Rep. Leo Berman’s bill died. Joe Straus is a powerful RINO. I hope the patriots in his district throw him out of office in the next election. That means a hand recount because vote fraud is alive and well in this state as it is across the country.

The Arizona State Legislature passed the required bills to make sure any candidate meets constitutional requirements to be on the ballot for president. Spineless Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed it:

“I never imagined being presented with a bill that could require candidates for president of the greatest and most powerful nation on Earth to submit their ‘early baptismal or circumcision certificates,’ among other records, to the Arizona Secretary of State,” Brewer said in her letter. “This is a bridge too far”…

That statement has to rank as one of the top gag a maggot comments ever to come out of the mouth of an elected official. Despite her bravado on other issues, Brewer has proven to be just another coward hiding behind her “authority”. It is a cancer eating this country from top to bottom. Everyone I know is saying the same thing. In November they are voting against the criminal liar in the White House no matter who the Republican Party machine shoves down our throats as their nominee. What a sad, sad legacy for our nation.


Where Have All The Men Gone? (2002)

Questioning America’s Manhood Draws More Excuses

Morality of the Market

In addition to the market’s “miracle” of efficiency, there is an important moral element in the functioning of the free-market economy that we sometimes overlook or undervalue. There are none who are only masters and others who are simply servants! In the market society we are all both servants and masters, but without either force or its threat. In our roles as producers—be it as men who hire out our labor for wages, resource owners who rent out or sell our property for a price, or entrepreneurs who direct production for anticipated profits—we serve our fellow men in attempting to make the products and provide the services we think they may be willing and interested in buying from us.

“Service with a smile” and “the customer is always right” are hallmarks of the seller’s deference to those to whom they offer their supplies. What motivates such attitudes is the fact that in an open, competitive market no one can compel us to buy from a seller who offers something less attractive or more costly than what some rival of his is presenting to us for our consideration.

And why are we interested in not offending or driving away some potential customer into the arms of our rival suppliers? Because only by successfully making the better and less expensive product can we hope to earn the income that then enables us to re-enter the market, now in the role of consumer and demander of what our neighbors are offering to sell to us.

As consumers, we become the “masters” who those same neighbors attempt to satisfy with newer, better, and cheaper products. Now those whom we have served defer to us. We “command” them, not through the use of force but through the attraction of our demand and the money we offer for the goods they bring to the market. By how much we can “command” the service of others in the market in our role as consumer is directly related to the extent we have been successful in our service to our neighbors as reflected in the money income we have earned from satisfying their wants and desires.

In a free society, no man is required to do work or supply any good he considers morally wrong and ethically questionable. He may earn less from choosing to supply something that is valued less highly in the market, but he cannot be forced to produce anything that God and/or conscience dictates to be wrong.

On the other hand, we cannot prevent others from supplying a good or service we find morally objectionable. The ethics of liberty and the free market require that we use only morally justifiable means to stop our neighbors from demanding and supplying something that offends us. We must use reason, persuasion, and example of a better and more right way to live.

Unfortunately, too many of our fellow men want to preserve or extend a return to a form of a slave society—regardless of the name under which it is presented. Too many want to dictate how others may make a living, or at what price and under what terms they may peacefully and voluntarily interact with their fellow human beings for purposes of mutual material, cultural, and spiritual betterment.

Our task, for those of us who understand and care deeply about human liberty, is to reawaken our fellow men an awareness of the miracle and morality of the market. The task, I know, seems daunting. But it must have seemed that way to our American Founding Fathers when they heralded the truth of the unalienable rights of man for which they fought and then won a revolution, or when advocates of economic freedom first made the case for the free market.

The world was transformed by these ideals of the morality of free men in free markets. What is most important is that each of us understands as best we can the miracle and the morality of the market economy. Too often the friends of freedom allow the advocates of various forms of government regulation, control, and redistribution to set the terms of the debate. Freedom will not win if we do not put those proponents of political paternalism on the defensive.

By that moral right do they claim to tell other men how to peacefully go about their private and market affairs—as long as those men do not use murder, theft, or fraud in their dealings with others? By what ethical norms do those political paternalists declare their right to take that which others have honestly acquired through production and trade, and redistribute it without the voluntary consent of those from whom it has been taken? By what assertion of superior wisdom and knowledge do they presume to know more than the individual minds of all the members of society about how the market should go about the business of manufacturing all the things we want, and matching the demands with the supplies?

Defenders of individual freedom and the market economy have nothing to be ashamed or fearful of in advocating the free society. The American system of limited government, personal liberty, and free enterprise liberated the individual creativity and energies of many millions of people. It provided the greatest opportunity for individual betterment and the highest standard of living ever experienced in human history. It also generated the most charitable and philanthropic society in the world. Therefore, it should be the critics and opponents of this system of individual freedom that should have to justify their continuing calls for reducing our liberty.

It was clear thinking and moral courage that won men liberty in the past. Liberty can triumph again, if each of us is willing but to try. We need to take to heart the words o the free-market Austrian economist and long-time FEE senior adviser, Ludwig von Mises:

Everyone carries a part of society on his shoulders; no one is relieved of his share of responsibility by others. And no one can find a safe way out for himself if society is sweeping towards destruction… What is needed to stop the trend towards socialism and despotism is common sense and moral courage.

The Brotherhood Of The Free

One of my all-time favorite pieces of literature is this section from Friedrich Schiller’s William Tell:

“By this fair light which greeteth us, before
Those other nations, that, beneath us far,
In noisome cities pent, draw painful breath,
Swear we the oath of our confederacy!
A band of brothers true we swear to be,
Never to part in danger or in death!

“We swear we will be free as were our sires,
And sooner die than live in slavery!

“We swear, to put our trust in God Most High,
And not to quail before the might of man!”

Another personal favorite is the St. Crispin’s Day speech from Shakespeare’s Henry V:

“This story shall the good man teach his son;
And Crispin Crispian shall ne’er go by,
From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remembered.

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he today that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother, be he ne’er so vile.
This day shall gentle his condition.

“And gentlemen in England now-a-bed
Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.”

Schiller and Shakespeare called it “Band of Brothers.” The Apostle Peter called it “Brotherhood.” (I Peter 2:17) Call it what you will: without it, no cause will prevail. And that is one of the biggest problems we face in America today: there is very little brotherhood among brothers.

No, not all brothers are part of the brotherhood. The Scripture acknowledges this in Proverbs 18:24, “There is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.” And again in Proverbs 27:10, “Better is a neighbor that is near than a brother afar off.” A brother that doesn’t “stick close” is certainly not part of the brotherhood. Neither is a brother that is “afar off.”

The sad truth is, even in the vast majority of churches, brotherhood is virtually unknown. Sitting in a church congregation is no more indicative of brotherhood than sitting in a crowded football stadium. In fact, there might even be MORE brotherhood at a football game than there is in the average church today.

Churches today are literally eaten up with malice, jealousy, gossip, slander, backbiting, faultfinding, ad infinitum. (But the same is true with other establishment organizations as well.) For all intents and purposes, today’s churches make a mockery of all that Jesus taught regarding Christian love and brotherhood. On the whole, it simply does not exist today.

This past Sunday, I delivered a message simply entitled, “Brotherhood.” I encourage readers to watch or download this message at:


For the sake of this column, and for the freedom movement especially, let me issue a clarion call for all of us who call ourselves Patriots. It is absolutely critical that we recognize The Brotherhood of the Free.

After signing the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Franklin said, “We must hang together, or we most assuredly will hang separately.” How right he was!

Our patriot-forebears, this “Band of Brothers,” were as diverse a group of men as would ever be found. They represented virtually every Christian denomination that existed in Colonial America. They also included men who identified with no Christian church or denomination. While most of our Founding Fathers were Christians, not all of them were. But they all joined shoulder-to-shoulder in the fight for liberty and independence. Christians were fighting for the freedom to worship God as they pleased, and non-Christians were fighting for the freedom to not worship God if they pleased. But both fought side-by-side for freedom. Why do Christians today have such a blind spot in this regard?

It doesn’t matter that Mitt Romney is a Mormon, or that Newt Gingrich is a Catholic, or that Rick Santorum is a Catholic. What matters is that not one of them is part of The Brotherhood of the Free. Not one of them has a clue as to what the real principles of liberty and constitutional government are all about. Not one of them recognizes the New World Order, the emerging police state, or the foolhardiness of perpetual war–whatever church they attend notwithstanding!

And that’s the problem with most of our Christian “brothers”: They just don’t get it! And when push comes to shove, most of them will join with the forces of darkness in persecuting real Patriots and freedom lovers. Don’t believe it? Look at how they are treating Ron Paul.

Say what you want about Ron Paul, he is an elder statesman in The Brotherhood of the Free. Ron Paul is in the Brotherhood. He knows what’s going on. He sees the danger. He cares about liberty. He understands the Constitution. He is my brother in the fight!

Do I agree with Dr. Paul about every issue? No! We will never agree with our fellow Patriots about every single issue–neither should we have to. We agree on the basics. We each love liberty and independence. We believe in constitutional government. We despise globalism, corporatism, socialism, and fascism. We recognize a police state when we see it. We recognize the right of free moral beings to make their own personal moral choices. As Christians, we know that only Christ can change the hearts (and thereby, the conduct) of men–NOT GOVERNMENT!

Does anyone find it more than interesting that men such as John Adams, Sam Adams, and George Washington joined with Benjamin Franklin in signing the Declaration of Independence? The Adams boys and Mr. Washington were well known far and wide as men of intense piety and personal morality, while Mr. Franklin was known by everyone to be an incurable ladies man–even in his old age. If John and Sam and George would have behaved as so-called Christians do today, they would have said, “If Ben is signing this document, count me out!” But there they were, side-by-side, shoulder-to-shoulder, fighting for liberty and independence.

I, too, will gladly stand with my fellows in The Brotherhood of the Free. It doesn’t mean that I approve of all that they do. It doesn’t mean that I believe all that they believe. But it does mean as long as they are part of the Brotherhood and are willing to fight for the principles of liberty, I will stand with them!

Joining Ron Paul are thousands of men and women who should be recognized as part of this noble Brotherhood. As did our Founding Fathers, we come from varied walks of life, varied religious persuasions, varied belief systems, etc., but we all share a love of liberty and independence that burns deeply in our breasts.

Accordingly, I am glad to stand with (and to have stood with) Patriots such as Montana State Legislator Rick Jore, John McManus, Dr. Stan Montieth, Howard Phillips, Larry Pratt, Paul Walter, Herb Titus, Bill Olson, Ed Vieira, Judge Darrell White, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Pat Buchanan, Chelene Nightingale, Charley Reese, Scott Bradley, Joel Skousen, Tom DeWeese, Ezola Foster, Sheriff Richard Mack, Alex Jones, Governor Jesse Ventura, Sam Bushman, the late Congresswoman Helen Chenoweth-Hage, the late William Shearer, the late Joseph Sobran, the late George Putnam, and thousands like them.

My dear fellow Patriots, we are part of a Brotherhood. As Franklin said, “We must hang together.” If we do, the cause of liberty will prevail. If we do not, the cause of liberty will most assuredly perish.

Irish on St. Patrick’s Day—No Matter Where You’re From!

St. Patrick is a real historical person, a holy man who accomplished great feats around which legends have sprung. Patrick is also the Christian or given name to a man born Maewyn Succat in 4th century (c. A.D. 385) Roman controlled Britain. Probably born in Wales, possibly England or southern Scotland, he was the son of Calpurnius a Roman-British officer. When pirates landed in south Wales they kidnapped Patrick at the age of 16 and sold him into slavery to an Irish king Niall. Niall’s son Laoghaire would later grant Patrick unmolested access to his land to spread the Gospel, even against the advice and counsel of Druid priests. But for now young Patrick was just a slave, and he remained in condition of servitude for six years working as a shepherd. It was on a lonely mountainside tending sheep, that St. Patrick found religion, or one might say his religion found him—for although his parents had been Christian, Patrick did not consider himself to be a Christian before his captivity.

In a dream one night he heard the voice of God telling him that his ship was ready, that he should walk 200 miles and there find a vessel that would convey him away. He got up and literally walked off the mountainside to freedom. He walked 200 miles to Wexford and found a boat there headed for Britain. The captain at first turned him away, but as he walked St. Patrick prayed until the captain inexplicably changed his mind. The crew called out to Patrick to come aboard, and the boat made his escape to Britain and then onto the northern coast of Gaul in France. Patrick joined a monastery there and studied under St. Germain, the bishop of Auzerre. In a subsequent prophetic dream, he heard “the Voice of the Irish” calling him to come back and save them. From that day, he knew the mission God had appointed for him to accomplish: the conversion of the Irish to Christianity.

He was not the first chosen by the Pope, however, for that mission. Patrick was not as polished as other priests, having not received the full measure of formal education before being kidnapped. While other priests tried with limited success therefore, Patrick devoted himself to studies at the monastery and awaited a time of God’s choosing. In 432 Pope Celetine finally made him a bishop and sent him on the mission to Ireland. Taking 25 followers, he embarked and spent the first winter under kindly patronage of a local landowner and early convert. In the spring on a warm sunny day, St. Patrick approached King Laoghaire. Patrick’s composure and confidence impressed the king but the Druids were incensed. They tempted St. Patrick, asking whether his god would create snow. To everyone’s astonishment it began to snow, the blankets cascading down upon everyone until St. Patrick made the sign of the cross—and immediately the snow ceased and the sun returned.

A lot of what we know about St. Patrick comes from his Confessio, an autobiography that tells his spiritual journey; and Epistola, which denounces the British mistreatment of Irish Christians. In Ireland he journeyed far and wide, preaching, baptizing, establishing schools and churches and monasteries with an untiring zeal. For nearly thirty years he did this until he had literally converted the entire Emerald Isle to orthodox Catholicism, winning Hibernia/Erin/ a.k.a. Ireland for Christ. In so doing, it is said that he drove all the snakes from Ireland into the sea. But this story is allegorical, because the snake was a pagan symbol regarded as sacred by the Druids. St. Patrick thus drove paganism out of Ireland and into the sea of destruction. Part of what made him successful was his ability to win over nobility, and as he converted the princes and warrior chiefs, their tribesmen followed. St. Patrick was just as successful, however, by relating to the common people. When tribesmen had trouble understanding the hard concept of the Trinity and how one God could be a triune Person (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), St. Patrick plucked a shamrock from the ground and showed how the three-leaf clover had a single stem, metaphorically one God in three Persons. They understood and believed, and the shamrock became a revered symbol of Ireland from that time.

St. Patrick died in A.D. 461 on March 17th and that’s why we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on that date. It was originally and exclusively a Catholic holy day for hundreds of years, and that’s the way it stood until it became a public holiday in Ireland in 1903. Indeed, church calendars of the Roman Catholic Church and Church of Ireland move the date for commemorating St. Patrick’s if the date falls within Holy Week. In 1940 for instance, St. Patrick’s Day moved to April 3rd to avoid coinciding with Palm Sunday. The church also generally lifts prohibitions during the fasting season of Lent to allow celebration and eating of meat. Pubs in Ireland, however, were traditionally closed. This changed during the 1970s, as the government wanted to encourage tourism and St. Patrick’s Day continued to morph into a general appreciation of Irish culture and all things Irish. There is amazing irony in the fact that, if and as secular celebrations overindulge in alcohol and revelry, St. Patrick’s Day parties come to resemble the drunken festival of Bacchanalia—a pagan rite in honor of the god Bacchus once held on March 17th before St. Patrick’s Day replaced it.

In America the first public observance of St. Patrick’s was by Irish immigrants in Colonial Boston in 1737. The first St. Patrick’s Day parade marched through the streets of New York City in 1762. At the time, the parade was mostly made up of Irish soldiers serving in the English army. George Washington facilitated observance of St. Patrick’s Day amongst Irish troops serving in the Revolutionary Army. Irish traditionally ate cabbage and Irish bacon on that day, but in America they began substituting corned beef for bacon—a delicious and much cheaper alternative they learned about from their Jewish neighbors in the Nineteenth Century.

Today over 100 U.S. cities have St. Patrick’s Day parades. Some cities paint the traffic stripe of their parade routes green. Chicago and Indianapolis dye their main river canals green. Savannah dyes the downtown city fountains green. If you do imbibe, chances are the beer will probably be dyed green; and green popcorn is not unheard of in movie theaters. Of course, appropriate colors for St. Patrick’s Day are the orange and green of the Irish flag, but green is nearly obligatory these days. Leave it to schoolchildren to turn every American Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, by that most persuasive custom of pinching anyone who doesn’t wear it.

High Gasoline Prices – Ouch!

Is your wallet feeling the sting of the rising gasoline prices? Mine sure is! Do you wonder why and what is causing it? We heard predictions at the beginning of this year that gasoline would set records for high prices this year which seemed pretty odd to me. However, several companies had already made known their plans to reduce the gasoline refining capacity in the East Coast region by 50% because those aging facilities were unprofitable. No matter what the product is, if you reduce capacity by 50% then it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to predict a rise in prices.

A simple internet search yielded that, “Recent closures in the refining sector have certainly been bad news for consumers. Sunoco Inc plans to shut a 14 million gallons-per-day Philadelphia refinery this summer if no buyer is found. And in the last few months in Pennsylvania, Sunoco shut a 7.5 million gallons-per-day refinery and ConocoPhillips closed a 7.8 millions gallons-per-day refinery. More recently, Hovensa SA shut its 14.7 million gallons-per-day joint venture refinery in the U.S. Virgin Islands.” (ref 1)

So, in a few short months 44 million gallons of gasoline per day has been or will soon be removed from the market. To learn why, I went to the ConocoPhillips website and found this statement in the press release about the closure and sale of their Trainer, PA refinery: “After exploring a wide range of alternatives for the refinery, the decision to sell is based on the level of investment required to remain competitive,” said Willie Chiang, senior vice president. “U.S. East Coast refining has been under severe market pressure for several years. Product imports, weakness in motor fuel demand, and costly regulatory requirements are key factors in creating this very difficult environment.” (ref 2)

New air emissions requirements and numerous other regulatory changes are making older facilities unprofitable, therefore companies are selling or closing them down. In fact, there have been no new refineries built in the U.S. since 1976 and in the past 35 years the number of refineries in our country has declined by 50%.

This reduction in refining capacity, and therefore the rise in gasoline prices, is a direct result of the laws and regulations coming out of Washington DC, and the American public is paying the price. Washington politicians and bureaucrats like to point at industry as being greedy and driving up prices to unreasonable levels when in fact rising prices are due to regulation induced supply shortages. So you see, the federal government is more to blame for the high gas prices than anyone else.

To learn the real truth about any topic we must dig deeper into the sound bites fed to us by the media, and fortunately with the internet as a tool it doesn’t take too long to learn the rest of the story.

Thom Holmes
Chandler, OK


  1. Why retail gasoline prices are nearing a record. By Myra P. Saefong, MarketWatch of the Wall Street Journal
  2. Conoco Press Release 9-27-11 

Thom Holmes is a petroleum engineer from Oklahoma with 33 years experience and currently an engineering manager with a Fortune 500 oil company. Thom and his wife Susan have been leaders in the Constitution Party since joining the Texas party in 1996. Thom served as Texas State Vice-Chairman and Susan as both State Secretary and State Treasurer until they moved to Oklahoma in 2001. They also served as Ballot Access coordinators for the successful 1996 Texas petition drive of the Constitution Party, submitting over 72,000 signatures collected in a 6 week effort to secure a spot on the Texas election ballot for the party’s candidates. Thom has been the State Chairman of the Oklahoma CP the past 10 years. He was a member of the National Executive Committee of the Constitution Party for 13 years and held the leadership positions of Southern States Region Chairman, National Convention Planning Committee Chairman, Finance Committee Chairman, and Bylaws Committee Chairman. The Holmes have been delegates to all four of the National Constitution Party Conventions since 1996 and have also served on the National Committee since that time as well.


Status Quo Has To Go

A few weeks ago, I said in this column, “It is far more important who is elected as your governor than who is elected President. It is far more important who is elected as your State attorney general than who is appointed US attorney general. It is far more important who is elected to your State legislature than who is elected to the US House and Senate. It is far more important who is elected as your sheriff than who is appointed as the Director of the FBI. But if all you watch is FOX News, CNN, NBC, CBS, and ABC, you will be mesmerized with national politics, and you will forget about that which is the most important defender of our liberties: our individual state governments. In fact, in many cases today, our State and local governments are as abusive of our liberties as is the federal government. This is mainly due to the inattention and misunderstanding of the People as to the importance of electing local and State leaders who will accept, as their first responsibility, the maintenance of liberty for the people they represent. And by nature, that means being a faithful watchdog to the incursions of the federal government against our freedoms.”

See my column at:


I can’t stress enough that our liberties will be won or lost at the State level. All of the evil machinations that spew forth from that Cesspool By The Potomac would have absolutely no bearing upon or authority over our lives without the approbation of our State leaders. If our states had governors like Patrick Henry and State legislators and senators like Samuel Adams today, Washington, D.C., would not be the obnoxious bully that it is.

And let’s face it: some states are better positioned to reclaim their lawful jurisdictional authority than other states. Furthermore, I am personally convinced that all it would take would be for three or four states to draw their “line in the sand” and a host–maybe even a majority–of other states would quickly follow suit. And I further believe that my home State of Montana is uniquely poised to be one of those states.

The problem in Montana, however, is similar to that of most states: the “good-old-boy,” “politics-as-usual,” “scratch-my-back-and-I’ll-scratch-yours” politicians are ensconced in the State political infrastructure. And it’s going to take some political dynamite to blast them out! And that dynamite is a courageous constitutionalist (or better yet, a host of courageous constitutionalists) who is not afraid to take on these arrogant elitists and restore the principles of liberty to their states. In short, the status quo has to go!

And I want to let readers know that there is an epic battle underway right now in Montana that is both a microcosm and precursor of the battle that is raging nationally. In fact, this political duel might be the most important fight in the State of Montana this year. And because of Montana’s leadership in the national fight for freedom, it must be regarded as one of the most important political duels in the country.

I’m talking about the race for Montana State Senate District Three. The incumbent is the personification of the word RINO. This neocon is the bane of liberty and constitutional government. In fact, he is quoted as having told a gathering of local Republicans a few days ago, “We are NOT constitutionalists; we are NOT freedom-fighters.” Pray tell, Senator, if you are not willing to support and defend the Constitution, if you are not willing to support and defend freedom, what in Hades are you doing in public office?

This man comes from a long-established Montanan family with a good reputation in the State. Unfortunately, he has used that reputation to vault himself to the State senate. Name the issue and this Big Government toady is on the wrong side of it. He’s on the wrong side of the Second Amendment issue; he’s on the wrong side of the life issue; he’s on the wrong side of the less government and less taxes issue; he’s on the wrong side of the right to work issue; he’s on the wrong side of the State sovereignty issue; and he’s on the wrong side of the right of parents to educate their children via private or Christian education or homeschooling issue. And adding insult to injury, if this man is reelected this year, he will, in all likelihood, be elected Senate President, which means he will use his incredible power and influence to kill most of the good legislation that many of the noble house members and senators will bring forth next legislative term–not to mention the scores of RINOs and neocons that he will help place in key political positions around the State. This man simply must be defeated in the Republican primary, which takes place this June.

And the good news is that there is a courageous constitutionalist who is running against this neocon Neanderthal. His name is Rollan Roberts II. I’ve known Rollan for many years, and I can tell you that Rollan is as straight as a gun barrel on every single constitutional issue facing us today. He’s straight on the Second Amendment issue; he’s straight on the life issue; he’s straight on the private and Christian education and homeschooling issue; he’s straight on the State sovereignty issue; he’s straight on the constitutional government issue; he’s straight on the right to work issue; and he’s straight on the less government and less taxes issue. Rollan has the grit and determination of Ron Paul; he has the business acumen of Steve Forbes; and he has the look and polish of Ronald Reagan. Rollan Roberts is the real deal!

As you can imagine, Rollan is going up against a political MACHINE. These elitists have already attempted to threaten and intimidate Rollan by using very graphic language. They are making it their reason for getting up in the morning to defeat Rollan in the primary election. They know what is at stake. If Rollan can beat this Big Government elitist, their plans to dominate the State senate and thwart the noble efforts of the many constitutionalists, which are in the Montana House of Representatives, will be set back for years to come.

For all intents and purposes, Rollan has two months (sixty days) to win this senate seat. You see, a large number of Montanans vote via mail-in ballot, and these ballots are distributed on the first of May. So, Rollan has the months of March and April to upset this elitist RINO. And I’m telling you: Rollan has a VERY GOOD CHANCE of succeeding. A lot of Montanans see through his opponent and are working and praying for Rollan’s success.

I am asking all of my readers, if you believe in constitutional government, if you believe in State sovereignty, if you want to help a man who is uniquely poised to make a difference, not only in the State of Montana, but in the entire country as well, please consider helping Rollan Roberts II win this State senate seat. If every reader sends a $20 contribution to Rollan’s election campaign, this just might put him over the top. Will you help?

Rollan’s campaign website is:


Again, time is of the essence! Rollan only has two months to win this race. If he wins the primary, he will most assuredly win the general election in November, as this senate district is heavily Republican. In fact, as of this writing, I haven’t even heard of a Democrat who has filed for this seat.

Will you prayerfully consider helping Rollan Roberts? If I didn’t know this man as I do, I would not use this column to ask readers to support him.

Ladies and gentlemen, when we find good constitutionalists who are running for public office, we need to do everything we can to support them. If you know of such people who are running for public office in your State and community, please support them. As I said, our liberties will be won or lost at the State level!